presents I bought

  1. I love them, too
  2. oooh! lucky people!!
  3. the clutch is tdf:love:
  4. The mono satin is sooo pretty for more formal events...i :heart: it!
  5. I agree! the clutch is amazing! My dad came with me when I bought it and he thought it was wonderful too. And it really suits her.
  6. wow that clutch is gorgeaus, your mom is soo lucky!!
    and the wallet is great for your BF too.. you're very generous!
  7. They deserve it! I just realised I shouldn't be calling him my boyfriend anymore! He is my fiance now. Will I ever get used to this??
  8. Wow that clutch is stunning, I would love to see it in person.
  9. I wanted that pretty
  10. Love them!
  11. You are such a generous person! Great gifts!
  12. Love the Satin Aumônière and the Wallet. You mom and bf are so lucky.
  13. I love them!
  14. Cute. Have fun giving them :smile: