Presents from Pulse!! :D

  1. My amore gioco and denaro came in!!:dothewave:

    I had no idea that the gioco was bigger than the zucca!!:nuts: But it folds up nicely so I :heart: it!! I dunno if I should keep the denaro. I super love it but do I really need three?? haha (this will make my 3rd denaro!)



  2. [​IMG]


  3. I've got four denaros, one to match each print of bags I have. Haha. So you know what I'd say...

    BTW, I'm not a fan of the Adios Star print, but you got really cute placement with Strawberry Latte, Bastardino, Polpettina, and Sandy there!!
  4. Congrats! I like the denaro, you should keep it, the placement is pretty cool.

    I can't get over how great your adios zucca is, it's perfection, the zipper cuts RIGHT between them!
    All the zuccas a' la cactus dogs I've seen had one of them cut off, You are lucky. :graucho:

    Nice 'A' on the bag. :supacool:
  5. Great bags! I love them both! I got to see maro888's giocos this week...I kind of like the style for something different. I've never carried one irl but seems like you could let one strap hang off while you unzip and then reach in to get stuff.....without having to sit the bag down? Everyone complains about having to sit the bag down....can you not unzip and dip hanging off of your shoulder? Anyone know?

    Tokilover....great bags! I love your adios star too....I'm hoping I get a better print coming in the mail for mine.....
  6. Yup, that's exactly what I do. IMO, it's not at all hard to get into.

    It is hard to find stuff swimming around in such a big floppy bag so if you are looking for a smaller item, it' can bea little frustrating. Then again if it's really small I put it in the front zip pocket.

    To me, the annoying thing about the Gioco is how the lining swims around all over the place inside. It actually is so loose it gets tangled up with the stuff inside. The cell phone pocket ends up on the bottom of the bag with a big wad of lining fabric all around it.
  7. Great bags Tokidoki Lover :love: You gotta keep your amore denaro b/c you will get to see the gorgeous Hot Pink lining every time you open it. :graucho:
  8. Your adios zucca is fantastic! You have quite a few characters on the bag. I originally didn't like this print for this style but your bag has changed my mind.
  9. congrats on your bags! :smile: i agree that your adios zucca has perfect placement. too cute!!!
  10. hahah thanks guys!! I really love it! (and my zucca is one of the all time fav's for me too!)

    maya-Thanks! When adios star first came out, i was like.. How boring!! but it went on sale at pulse and I think it looks super awesome in the zucca!

    snoopa- Thanks! My A on my bag is from my mayday present! :biggrin:

    AnnieB- I dont zip it up, and you can do exacly that, just let one strap hang down and then get what you need. I was expecting it to be alot worse from what all the other TPFers were saying. I had a bag from old navy similar to the style and that one was more of a pain than this one!

    ilovetokidoki- Thanks!! I think I just might keep it! :biggrin:

    blackwidow& munky- Haha thank you, apparently everyone tells me I have the best placement for an adios star zucca. (I like to think so too, but its nice when other TPFers say it! :biggrin:)
  11. congrats!
  12. You have to keep it, it's so adorable. Congrats!
  13. nice A keychain - where ever did you get it?? :graucho:

    if I could find an adios bag w/that placement I would so get it! That's a great looking zucca!!

    Oh and I have wallets to match my bags too.
  14. Congratulations tokidokiLovers. Yeah.. I didnt notice the keychain..but pretty little pink keychain...I wonder where you got it from ..(:graucho: ..spacytracy..) haha.
    Anyway.. I really think Amore looks good in Gioco style. & keep the denaro..the print placement is cute! Love the tea bags, moumoufamily & the other milk family ??
  15. oh gosh isn't the amore gioco pretty?! i have one too ^^ IN LOVE WITH IT!!! yummy bags