Presents for my mother's b'day (just want to share)

  1. hi, it's my mom's birthday coming up on 22july (still over a month, i know)...and i've got her presents ready. hmm, i don't know who is (or going to be) more excited me or my mother:p hehehhehe... and i'm so bad in keeping secrets:rolleyes:.

    i think i'm just so excited :nuts: getting them and don't have anyone to really share this excitement with (dh doesn't really get it), so i thought i'd share it with my fellow tpf-er.

    i got her a chanel timeless clutch and a hermes bearn wallet...i've included some pics;)
    clutchwallet1.jpg clutchwallet2.jpg
  2. You're an awesome daughter!! Wonderful presents!! Your mom will be thrilled!
  3. what lovely gifts! lucky mom! she raised a great girl with great taste ;)
  4. WOW!!! I am sure she will Love them. You are such a great Daughter
  5. Wow amazing gifts - your mum is very lucky!:smile:
  6. I keep seeing ROAK what does it mean-don't want to be stupid-please enlighten me! Thanks!
  7. Wow, fantastic gifts!!! What a great daughter!

    JNH14: RAOK = Random Acts of Kindness.
  8. Your mom is going to have a great birthday. Those are some awesome presents!
  9. Your mom is going to FREAK!!! (in a good way of course!!)
  10. Wow they are gorgeous!!! Im sure she will love them!!
  11. Wanna be my daughter? Seriously, those are fantastic and beautiful gifts. You obviously inherited great taste!!
  12. :cutesy: thanks for everyone's kind comments. i'm just so happy, excited, and can't wait to see her.
  13. Wow...beautiful gifts. I'm sure she will be super happy! What a sweetie you are :smile:
  14. She'll be thrilled to bits, such beautiful presents:heart:
  15. Wonderful gifts I hope my girls will grow up to become so generous and tastful daughters!:p