presents for my Kelly (and me) in the Paris Sales

  1. DH and I took a day trip to Paris on Tuesday for the Hermes sales, what a fantastic day. I bought some lovely goodies for my new Kelly and I wanted to share:

    A hippo cadena charm (they also had hearts, pegasus, mediterranee and elephants)

    'trousse picolo' - pencil case in etoupe chevre mysore (got the last one)

    ( I hung onto the labels so I could tell you the leathers, never knew a thing about them until I joined tPF, thanks to everyone)

    A small open agenda. The label says 'couverture GM 3 Coulisseaux' and should be grateful for a translation please! The leather is veau rodeo and it smells wonderful, I sniff it every day. The colour I would have guessed was 'natural' but on the label it's called 'the au lait' - tea with milk.

    That's quite enough spoiling of my Kelly. For ME, I bought an enamel bangle which is described on the label as being 'Bracelet Extra-large AGPD Cariola' again, I should be very grateful for any translations. It's the narrow diameter, I DO know as I have a similar one already. It was a good buy, I have worn it almost every day and the colours 'Sepia' seem to go with everything and although it is silver on the edges, the gold stripe in the enamel works well with gold or silver accessories so I think I shall get a lot of use out of that.

    The shoes: 'Sandale Mary Nubuck Maillon Corne Boucle Gainee' are an indulgance, I'm not great at heels so I thought the wedge would be a good alternative and they ARE comfortable but very high so some practice is required. The chain d'ancre decorative buckle is made of 'Corne' - buffalo horn - I have a necklace made of the same.

    On to 24 FSH...well, spent a happy hour here educating the DH on all the bags through my new-found knowledge. Bought a diary and silver pen for my new agenda and DH was kind enough to refrain from pointing out that their combined cost was more than the agenda itself!

    Finally on to Longchamp wheer I was whisked away by a knowing SA and my Kelly was matched to a neat pliage bag so at least going home on the plane, my Kelly was protected and travelling in some style.

    We had a super day out, starting selling on eBay again to fund my next trip, I think I'm going to have to save for the big one, I would like Picotin, a Bolide and a Birkin so that's a long time saving up, I also need a wallet...perhaps in the summer sale , I have my heart set on a dogone (?sp), they only had a bright pink one in the sale and I am trying to stick to fairly nuetral colours that will look good in my gold Kelly.

    A funny thing to mention, we used easyjet, a lowcost no-frills airline from Liverpool to Paris, and when we were checking in at Paris to come home, the French check-in guy looked at our Hermes sales bag, whistled and gave us an 'upgrade' - he put us in boarding group 'A' not D where we should have been as he said we must have a lot of class, made my day!
    hermessalejan07.jpg hermessalejan07_2.jpg
  2. Nice stuff! I hope I have a chance to attend an Hermes sale in Hermes.
  3. fantastic! your kelly is lucky to have you doing the shopping for her.
    your choices compliment her very well.
    funny funny about the flight upgrade. did you point out to dh that hermes is already working for you. lol
  4. WOW, what a FANTASTIC day trip! :nuts: I can't believe those cadenas you mentioned are ON SALE!!!

    Oh, and for this...YAY for you!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  5. LOVE everything! You're so lucky!!!!! Congrats! I hope to own an Hermes Kelly sometime!
  6. Great stuff! I wish I could do a "quick trip" to Paris like that! Lucky you! And I really need a bag to put my birkin in -- I love that idea!
  7. gorgeous finds:heart:
  8. Such lovely items! Enjoy -- I love, love their bracelets myself....and that is so great you were 'upgraded' just by carrying what you were lol!! So it's working for you in many ways!
  9. Love all the items you bought (and I'm still drooling over your gorgeous red dress from the action thread.) :drool: :drool:
  10. Allaboutnice, love the palette of colors you have there. Congratulations on your beautiful purchases!
  11. Thank you everyone for all your supportive and lovely comments. I feel priviledged to be part of tPF, what a wonderful obsession we share.
  12. Wow! great choices, and such incredibly elegant colors.

    Well done!
  13. I went to the action thread...

    Allaboutnice, you look very elegant & sexy in that dress! :supacool: Gorgeous! :heart:
  14. Wow, what a great day you had! Lucky you!!!
  15. Gigi - ditto about the Cadenas!!
    I love everything you got!