Presenting... Toile/barenia Evelyne

  1. Hi guys! I bought an evelyne today, toile with barenia, it is stamped K in a box, do you guys know what it means? thx alot!!!!
  2. K in a square = 2007

    Congrats on your purchase
  3. Congrats on your bag! Pics please!
  4. Barenia in the title and NO PHOTOS????? Unnacceptable! :p

    Congratulations on your new H! :smile:
  5. Congratulation on your new H :drool:

    love it so much....... modeling pics? hehe

    love Toile/barenia combination so much !!!!!!
  6. congratulations on your purchase!
    IT's beautiful and perfect for everyday!!!
  7. Congratulations!! please post photos!!
  8. Now we are talking. This is beautiful. Congratulations. At lunch time today I saw a lady with a Birkin with the same combo and I almost faint...LOL
  9. Now that I got my photo fix in...Absolutely beautiful! Congrats!!!!:tup:
  10. You are very lucky getting your hands on barenia. Very lucky, indeed.
  11. Gorgeous!
  12. thx guys it's nice to know that you love the combo too! Is it really that hard to get? Nice :smile: Seems like my store in brussels sometimes has some really nice rare stuff, like the evelyne or the hard to get wallets and birkins/kelly's... Any update on the triangle stamp? Anybody? kiss
  13. That is the nicest evelyn I seen yet!
    Congratulations on a great summer bag.
  14. toile + barenia = heaven. she's simply lovely.