Presenting the Unpopular Normandy

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  1. I so love the Cuir Taurillon leather.. My SA says its the reason why this bag is as expensive as the Empreintes..

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  2. It's a very beautiful bag, I haven't seen it before. Congrats!
  3. This is such a pretty bag! I love the leather with the de canvas. Can the handles fold down so that they lay flat against the bag when it's shoulder carried?
  4. Why unpopular? It's difficult for me to dislike anything with DE on it so I think she's beautiful! Congrats!!
  5. The bag is exquisite!
  6. I'm surprised that not many people have it, it's gorgeous!
  7. Don't think of it as unpopular just because a lot of people aren't wearing it like the Speedy or NF. It's these types of rare-in-the-wild bags that really turn heads and stand out in a crowd.
  8. thank you. i so love it!
  9. it can actually but right now its still kinda stiff.
  10. i haven't seen any reveals yet so i am thinking many doesn't like it. :biggrin:
  11. Wow!! That bag is stunning!!
  12. i know! very classic also..:P
  13. thanks! makes me think i really made a good decision.:biggrin:
  14. I saw u post this in April purchases thread and had a look to see if you posted a reveal and you did...with pics, yay! It's a beautiful bag, even my husband liked it. Enjoy!

  15. Beautiful!