Presenting.... the Old Navy Nimbus?

  1. on522211-00vliv01.jpg LV_11686829_pearlgrey_h_pu.jpg
  2. Wow, LOL... I dont condone stealing others' creative ideas, but that is kinda cute. Don't shoot me!! :hrmm:

    I :heart: the nimbus! I think I saw on this site somewhere that it is coming out in teal?!? Off topic I know, but I can't wait to see that!
  3. WOW! LV should sue them. I've seen some close copies but that is blatent copying.
  4. Well ... "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."
  5. I think its kinda cute too...
  6. It's not a counterfeit, it doesn't have the LV logo, it could never be mistaken for a real nimbus, so imo it's not a fake. It's "designer inspired" which is quite common even amongst other high end design houses.
  7. I actually thinks it's cute.
  8. Yuck...definitely do not like it.
  9. Ooooh this is actually really cute !
  10. lol, wow! If the Nimbus didn't exist, I'd think it's really cute!
  11. I think the snowflakes are what is giving it a cute factor. Its kinda funny that its price is half a percent of the LV Nimbus'.
  12. OMG! I saw those at the store!! I knew I saw them before!!!!!!! O_O;!!
  13. I saw these in the store a couple months ago, they're actually kind of nice lol.
  14. I think it's really cute! I can see it in the looks for less section of fashion mags!
  15. It's not all THAT similar. One's metallic, one's not. They're two different colors. Etc. I wonder why people keep thinking that look and feel can/should be copy protected, when EVERY PURSE IN THE WORLD is inspired by some other purse that's already out there. I have a book on making your own handbags, and you know what? The author lists five or six different types/style of purse. Clutch, tote, hobo, etc. There's not that much variation, so with only a few types of style there are bound to be some looks that resemble each other, if only slightly. EVERY purse made--EVERY SINGLE ONE--is a variation on some theme that already exists elsewhere.