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  1. I ordered this before my ban began and it arrived a few days ago. Sorry I didn't post the pics sooner but it's been a crazy week!

    I LOVE the color but am debating if I want the tote style. I have a brown and black signature tote and I love them both. They look great carried in hand or over my arm whereas I don't think the hobo does. I tried the hobo on and the strap is really stiff. For those of you who have leather hobos do they loosen up?

    Truly a beautiful bag. I am going to either keep the hobo or get the tote in this color!
    Pebbled Hobo.jpg Inside.jpg
  2. Gorgeous, Gorgeous. love the color!

    I have the Large Ergo Tote & the Large Ergo Hobo, both in Natural Vachetta, and they have softened with use.
  3. That color is beautiful, enjoy :tup:

    I have a sig hobo, but the leather strap on it is definitely breaking in with use.
  4. I say keep the hobo. You already have two totes. The hobo can be worn on the shoulder and carried in your arm as well, just try it, it works. Many Moore carries
    hers on her arm sometimes.

  5. I just bought this bag as well and have a chocolate signature hobo. The pebble color is pretty, but I too think the handle is much stiffer and harder on my shoulder than my chocolate signature medium hobo is. I love that bag. They said it would soften, but I am just not sure I like the feel of it. I got a scarf in signature leopard and a daisy type yellow and white fob to go on it, but it is a hard strap. I agree so I have not taken the tags off as yet. Hope you find it softens. I am not sure i will keep it right now as well.
  6. nice...congrats!!!
  7. very nice color for Spring/Summer. Enjoy!
  8. I love the color! Congrats on the great bag.
  9. Pretty color!
    Try taking the stuffing out and put your stuff inside and see if that makes a difference.
  10. Great bag and I love the color...I hope it works out for you.
  11. I love that color and texture. Hope you don't mind my asking what style no. is it? Is it new for spring?
  12. Absolutely love the color, congrats!
  13. Oh, oh...that is prettyyyy!!
  14. I love the color....Congrats