Presenting......The Bags

  1. Finally!:yahoo: My bags.......

    The Vuitton Family
    (Pic 1)

    French Co. Speedy 30
    Speedy 35
    Keepall 50
    Keepall 60
    Epi Petit Noe
    Manhattan GM

    The Other Family (Pic 2)- I love high end, low end and everything in between so here they are!:rochard:
    (BTW - Whimsical/Whimsy is my name for bags I don't know the name of the designer)

    (Bottom row)
    whimsy map tote
    whimsy knoit round handle bag
    whimsy large poka-dot bag
    Eitenne Aigner handheld
    whimsy black evening bag
    Rochas (black gold handle bag)
    Calvin Klein toe
    whimsy straw tote
    whimsy basic black bag

    whimsy fur/grommet bag

    (On the sofa)
    whimsy basic black bag
    whimsy evening clutch
    Hilfiger black bag
    whimsy beaded evening clutch
    whimsy evening clutch-silver
    whimsy green crossbody bag
    Carlos Falchi messenger bag
    whimsy green quilted bag
    whimsy snakeskin bag
    whimsy suede blue shoulder bag
    DKNY City black bag
    whimsy black crossbody bag
    Escada handheld
    The Sak black bag
    Nine West black tote
    whimsy tan handheld
    Gap white patent shoulder bag
    Coach large pocket satchel
    Hilfiger tan handheld
    Ninewest black bag
    Ninewest brown bag

    (Pic 3)
    the infamous "cat pee" bag (for those of you who endured this with me :lol: ) My fave bag!!!
    Calvin Klein Bucket bag

    Individual pics
    (pic 4)
    LV Epi Pete Noe)

    (pic 5)
    Manhattan GM
    The Vuitton FamII.JPG The Bag Fam7.jpg Calvin Klein Bucket bag.jpg LV Epi Petit Noe.JPG Manhattan GM.jpg
  2. Your collection is AMAZiNG! I Luv it all!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for your fabulous pictures!!
  3. Love your collection - so sorry about the cat pee bag!
  4. Wonderful collection
    Love the Epi Petit Noe and Manhattan GM:yahoo: :love:
    They are both on my want list
  5. wow-you have quite a few bags! love your louis bags!
  6. WOW, that's some collection!
  7. OMG what a great collection!!!
  8. :nuts: wow!!!! what a great collection!!! i totally love your manhattan gm! :love: thanks for sharing!
  9. GREAT COLLECTION!!!:love: Thank you for sharing!!! It's about time!!!:yes:
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    I'll merge them.
  11. Great bags - lots of diversity! :smile:
  12. What a wonderful collection!
  13. I love your LV's! =)
  14. Great selection! I love the variety in your Whimsy Bags! :yes:
  15. that is a massive collection!! i love the patina on your LV's gorgeous :smile: