Presenting the AW Jena clutch!

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    Thanks ladies! I keep staring at her sitting in my closet. :lol:

    justwatchin: No prob!

    The 20% off code I used, stylewatch, still works (just tried it) at if anyone else is looking to get the clutch (or other AW items)! :woohoo: But their return policy is pretty strict. No refunds for cash, only store credit. They do allow exchanges but it's a pain if you live far away. I'd say e-mail Forward by revolve and see if they will match the discount! They have a better return policy and faster shipping.
  2. I wasn't sold on the clutch before but after seeing your photos, I really like it. You got a really nice deal, too, lucky!
  3. Wetravel, I really love this clutch. It's soooo perfect: edgy but pretty. Congrats! :biggrin:
  4. that is so cute!! the leather looks great : )
  5. The Jena is gorgeous and it looks like it can hold quite a bit.

    I'm torn on the Jena or the Darla but it looks like Jena is the way to go! :graucho:
  6. Thanks, everyone! :love:

    novella: The Jena is definitely the way to go!! :yes::tup:
  7. What a beauty. Congrats. I just ordered a Forest one.:yahoo:
  8. Congrats - I love the leather !

  9. Awesome!! I would love to see it in Forest! Please post pics when you receive it!! :graucho:

  10. Thanks! The leather is as yummy as the Rocco!
  11. Finally got a chance to take some mod shots of the Jena. Sorry they are kinda dark.

    For reference, I'm nearly 5'5".




  12. ^gawsh... you're pics are sooo enabling! so chic! i would luv a Jena in a pop color... must must resist til then! :amuse:
  13. Thanks!!

    Warning: More enabling ahead! :angel:

    You should totally get the Jena. And the Diego! I'm sure they will look beautiful on you!
  14. Can you post pictures of the inside tag?
  15. oooh love.. i waited waited for this to go on sale... then it vanished!!!