Presenting----Tahitienne and monte carlo...My April's fool purchase

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  1. Love the names, all names of exotic places around the world...
    My April Fool's purchase...
    Am I getting old, I did not get fooled at all, nay, maybe just because all my friends are getting wiser with me:P
    These items are perfect for my upcoming beach trip to Thailand, oh yeah:yahoo:
    DSC02490.jpg DSC02494.jpg DSC02493.jpg DSC02492.jpg DSC02496.jpg
  2. This bag is so cute, also come in light purple and pink, here is how it look expanded.
  3. OMG! I am officially in LOVE with the matisse! Love it next to the loafers. Congrats. I think I may need to get the GM in cream.
  4. Gorgeous purchases, congrats! I love your mirror!
  5. WOW Congratulations!!!!
    It is a VERY lovely April Fool's purchase!
    It is a very nice Tahitienne purse!
    Very classy and very femme!:tup:
  6. oh....when comes a day I can post a bigger picture instead of thumbnails...:sad:
  7. ahhh congrats! i want one now, how much for the pm and gm?
  8. So cute!!!!! Congrats! It looks so much better in your modeling pics than on the LV website.
  9. Love your purchases!!! gorgeous
  10. Congrats...looks good ;)
  11. Theres that marque thing you have to use, but I forgot how it works.
  12. Love the bag & the shoes! Congrats & Enjoy!
  13. I am going for comfort here, and yes, the lightness of the bag is perfect for my shoulder, and the' like stepping on cloud. And the price...two still half of what a chanel will cost....:woohoo:
  14. Thank you. You will love what is says"I am the fairest of all";)dh got it for dd in home depot, I think...
  15. Thank you, I thought so too, and the price is great:tup: