Presenting.... *revealing pics**

  1. Hi all! just came back after scouring the sales in Singapore with a new Burberry bag!!... can anyone guess what it might be???? revealing picss:graucho::graucho::graucho:

    christmas came early this year!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    DSC00981.JPG DSC00986.JPG DSC00987.JPG DSC00988.JPG
  2. o yes, I can't come up with the exact name of the bag, but that's such a beauty! I want it :drool:
    It's the one with two zipper compartments....
  3. yessss.... you're right.. its a knight bag!!!.. took me ages to find a perfect bag but this is truly the one!! i didnt get the coveted studded knight bag because it was wayyyyy too heavy.. and i want a bag that i can carry my files in!! will post modeling pics soon!:love:
    DSC00994.JPG DSC00993.JPG DSC00989.JPG
  4. [​IMG]

    That is gorgeous! How much did you pay in USD if you don't mind me asking? I love that style - can't wait to see modeling pics!
  5. addy: i did an online conversion.. it was about SGD 1850 on sale.. less 30%+ additional 10% on top of that.. it comes up to about USD 1242.. do u mind if i ask what it averages in the US??
  6. So gorgeous, what a great choice. Congrats
  7. I haven't seen this one but similar styles are on sale for about 1200-1300US
  8. Your new bag is gorgeous! Loving your early Christmas gift
  9. Such a cute bag and congrats on the sale :smile: Where are the modelling pics? hehe
  10. as promised! modelling pics!!.. i'm 5'10.. or 178cm.. think thats the right approximate conversions! enjoy.. hope these help in anyone considering a knight!! :heart::heart:
    DSC01007.JPG DSC01006.JPG DSC00998.JPG DSC00999.JPG
  11. Cute Bag! I love it with the check style, enjoy it!
  12. This bag is my favourite burberry this year and it looks fabulous on you!
  13. Lovely.... enjoy!
  14. I really like the large size of this bag. This bag is lovely. :yes:
  15. Soooooo gorgeous! Congrats.