Presenting Poppy!

  1. ^Awww the cat in your avatar is adorable! I just love black cats! :biggrin:

    Latest pics of Poppy:

    She has had runny eyes so we took her to the vet who said she has eye infection, she has prescribed some ointment so fingers crossed that she gets better soon :crybaby:
    Poppy 1396.JPG Poppy 1397.JPG Poppy 1399.JPG Poppy 1398.JPG
  2. I have 2, they are roughly about 10 months old, there are piccies on here in the thread about Elsa and Elise. They are still very kittenish with the advantage of not being teeny, I was originally looking for teeny kittens but we found these 2 :biggrin:

    One of mine has quite yellow eyes, the other has more green, even with the size difference they can still be difficult to tell apart!!!

    More piccies today please??

    ETA: Seen new pics, happy now!
  3. Congrats platinum_girly and family, Poppy looks a darling :tender:

    I have 2 new kittens (now 5 months) one a med haired mackerel tabby and the other a classic short hair tabby but I also occasionally feed a local stray who is all black who we have called Vladimir. I think black cats are gorgeous and when I was a little girl that's what I wanted too (my father and our GSD would not have felt the same way).
  4. Nope, in the UK black pets are also very unpopular, my little black girl was in rescue nearly two years :sad: but cats are seasonal breeders so the incidence of any kittens is lower at this time of year.

    Poppy is gorgeous!
  5. Awww i will def take a look at Elsa and Elise's thread as soon as i can, how cute that you have 2, i bet they love playing together don't they? I remember when i rang up one of the shelters hoping to locate a black kitten i spoke to the owner of one who told me that they only ever re-homes kittens in pairs as she said it is vital for them to have the company, and it takes away the shock of being placed in a new home with new owners, if only i could handle 2, this bundle of joy sure is hard enough work on her own :lol:

    She totally is a darling, last night she got into my daughters bed and tried to snuggle with her but my daughter is a fidgety sleeper so before we knew it she was in bed with me and hubby, she nestled herself between us and proceeded to purr as loud as an engine, awww

    Oh i love tabby cats, growing up we had 2 torties (my mum still has a tortie now) and a male tabby cat, his name was Clyde (the tortie we had at the time was Bonnie lol!) and he was the softest, most gentlest of cats, i really miss him to this day and it has been 14 years now since we lost him :cry:

    So kind of you to feed a stray, it always makes me so sad when people abandon cats and they end up on the streets, i just don't know how some people manage to sleep at night, you are doing a good thing but have you considered maybe getting him re-homed?

    I wonder why it is that black cats are less desired than other cats? I think black cats are gorgeous and let's face it- perfect for Halloween :lol:

    Some more pics of Poppy below...
  6. [​IMG]

    Having a fuss:


    Spot Poppy! We went in my daughters room to find Poppy snuggled under the duvet between my little girl and her big fluffy cat toy:
    GM 072.JPG GM 075.JPG GM 076.JPG GM 077.JPG GM 078.JPG
  7. Bonnie and Clyde, excellent names! You are so lucky growing up around cats, I am still learning because we always had dogs (although I love dogs too). I am not fluent in cat-language yet :p Poirot the mackerel tabby is a little cutey except to his brother and Houdini (named after the escapologist for obvious reasons) is a shyer but independent darling. I rescued them from the street at approx 4 weeks old.

    Here are my kittens' story and pictures of when they were even smalller

    There would be no way I could catch Vladamir, he is feral through and through and I wouldn't want to get the animal authorities or charities involved, because of his nature I think it would be difficult to re-home him (I would like to get hold of him to neuter him though). He is obviously a good hunter from the size of him (although I do appreciate that most of that is thick coat this time of year). I have seen him hunt WITH foxes at night and he only comes to 'beg' when he really needs (I first fed him when it was that snow covered freezing weather last year). But if he is hungry he will literally sit all day outside the kitchen window waiting patiently until someone notices him, even opening the door makes him run for cover and he only comes back to eat. I was worried that he would fight with my kittens but when Houdini escaped (again - he can open doors too unless they're locked) he saw Vlad off whist he was eating even though he is a quarter the size (of course I put H back in size so Vlad could eat in peace). Good to know my kittens can look after themselves as there are quite a few feral cats around here, as you say usually abandoned by owners who have moved (sometimes back abroad).

    Love the new pics, it is evident that you are in much in love with her as she is with you - ah soooo sweet LOL
  8. Whilst my 2 love each other they dont spend that much time with each other unless its to chase each other around and have a play fight. One will occassionally groom the other or they might snuggle but they seem happy to just co-exist. Not sure how they would react if the other wasnt here anymore though. They arent all that snuggly either although Elsa likes to sleep on the bed when there is just one person in it, think there isnt enough room for her when there is 2. Its rare that the bf isnt here overnight so lastnight when he was out I made the most of my kitty snuggle :biggrin:

    They can be hard work but they keep each other entertained mostly..I heard the same thing about kittens being rehomed in pairs but my first cat was a baby when we got her and she doesnt appear to have any emotional scars 15 years later :p

    Hers eyes still look so blue!! How odd!!!
  9. Poppy's gorgeous and your little girl is completely lucky :smile: my parents let me get a kitten for my 10th birthday and for the next two decades my birthday took second chair to "Day I Got My Kitty" anniversary. Nothing could have brought me more joy or steadier companionship. So glad for your little girl, and for Poppy. Hope the eyes heal up soon, oogy eyes are no fun.
  10. Poppy is just the cutest little kitty ever! How wonderful to get a kitten for your daughter. I'm sure she is just over the moon happy!

    Such an interesting thread. I had no idea that black pets are less popular. My DH and I are really partial to black cats and dogs. I think they are just adorable.
  11. I love black kitties! Those pics of her sleeping are so cute!
  12. I love black cats and have a totally black female with green eyes named lily or Black black.
  13. I also love black cats! I have one now. Her name is Kitten. My previous black cat passed away in 2003. Congrats to you and Poppy!
  14. Lol i am the opposite, i grew up with cats and never had a dog until i got married, so i had no clue what to do when we got Roxie, i guess i am lucky in that she has always been good natured and pretty well behaved, but it is definately very strange now having both a dog and a kitten in the household, i really worried that with Roxies age (7) that she would be too set in her ways to accept a cat into the home but as it turns out the cat only has to hiss at her and she is shying away, i feel kinda sorry for her because Poppy isn't really giving her a chance, i know that Roxie only wants to have a sniff at her and work her out but i guess Poppy is just acting on instinct and won't let her get near enough, it is pretty comical though watching a staffy run away from a kitten :lol:

    Awww your cats sound so cute (love their names!) and i will definately check out their thread (hopefully sometime tonight) and i really get what you mean about the feral cat, Clyde was pretty much the same, he was an abandoned cat (his owners moved out of the village and left him behind :mad:) and he adapted to the wild and kinda fended for himself, luckily the village backed out onto some woods so plenty of food for him near-by but at times he would come begging, and so we fed him, we tried to ingratiate him into the household but he was such a tom cat that he would go into the fields to mate constantly and would come back covered in fleas, and every time we treated him for them he would come back with yet more, me and my brother used to sneak him into the house regardless though, he was such a sweetie, the softest and most placid cat that i have ever met, i do miss him :cry:

    Awww i see in your avatar your 2 kitties, they look so cute!!! It is understandable though if they are not that close, i mean i think that cats are such independant creatures, i have noticed that with cats they will only really come for a fuss on THEIR terms whereas dogs are far more likely to understand and obey commands, but kitties are definately good for bedtime snuggles, my Roxie dog is far too muscly and big for that, we have to let her sleep in her own dog-beds (yes she has 2, lol!)

    I do not know why her eyes keep showing up as blue in the photos, i can only assume that it has something to do with the flash, very odd :thinking:

    Awww i love that- "day i got my kitty" anniversary, i hope that at 4 that Patricia will always remember the Christmas that she got Poppy, and i too hope that her eyes get better soon, i am so hoping that the ointment works, i feel so sorry for her :sad:

    My daughter is totally happy with her, and the kitten is besotted with my daughter, it is like a little love affair between child and kitten, she even sleeps in the bed with her now :heart:


    Awww yay more love for black cats :hbeat:

    Awww so sorry for your loss, but i am glad that you decided to adopt again, i thought that i would never get over the loss of the family cat Tabitha and vowed to never have another cat after we lost her to cancer but i gave in to my daughters wishes and got Poppy thinking that there was no way that i personally would get too close to her, but already it is love, i look at her little face and just melt :girlsigh:
  15. Aww, Poppy is such a precious kitten! Absolutely adorable, love all your pictures! :love: Congratulations on your new addition!