Presenting our new Bosphore BUM BAG!...

  1. Although seemingly unpopular, DBF and I tried on the new little fanny and ended up buying it! It was initially for him but I think it's also cute on me, so I can technically add another LV to my collection! ;)

    It will be perfect for the long bus rides around HK and for just going out somewhere fun hands-free.

    It doesn't fit much for me with my big wallet and all, but it fits the utter essentials and doesn't slip much. Overall it's a fun bag that's actually quite comfortable.

    I really feel that we took the plunge on this bag that didn't initially seem very cute at all. Well here's everybody's chance to see it modeled on people!

    I'll post up another picture hopefully soon of myself wearing it on my backside so you all can get a better idea of it on a petite girl!

    Enjoy~! :lol:

    P.S. This is what we ended up buying on my tiny trip to Calgary Holt 1.7 weeks ago! Sorry for the lateness!
    bbb00.jpg bbb0.jpg bbb1.jpg
  2. And on my front side...
  3. congratulations! it looks so much cuter on you than on your boyfriend.
  4. saaawwweeeet!

    Thats cute!
  5. OMG, i really love this bag!! So cuuuute!! congrats!!
  6. it as the hipster in front on you...very cute
  7. heehee.. you're so lucky that your bf also loves LV, i wish mine does too.. so i can have more Lv stuff (by "adopting" his as mine) :smile:
  8. i rkn! sharing unisex LV is SUCH a good idea, cos
    after all you can only wear one bag at a time!
  9. that is a cute bag!
  10. :nuts: Nice. Great for travelling. Congrats!!
  11. Aww, you guys are so cute!
  12. Very cute. Congrats!
  13. it's actually bigger than i thought it would be. it looks very cute! congrats!
  14. great bag ! Thanks for posting pics !
  15. Aww.. hehe, it looks cute on both of you ! :yes: