Presenting my twin Pochette Cles

  1. I couldn't get the new Pochette Cles out of my head all night :nogood: so the only thing to do was to head down to the boutique today. I couldn't decide between Pomme and Violette since both colors are equally pretty. I asked my sweet SA to put them on hold for me :tup:. Good thing I did because it was the last Violette one. Here they are, the Violette and Pomme twin Pochette Cles! I :heart: them both. Cna't wait to take them out.
    Violette Pochette Cles.jpg Pomme Pochette Cles.jpg Violette Pochette Cles 1.jpg Pomme Pochette Cles 1.jpg
  2. Absolutely gorgeous my SA put a violette one aside but now I'm confused about the pomme with all these hots pics of it
  3. Pretty!!! Congrats! It's awesome that you got both!!
  4. Wow, you got both. :nuts:

    They are both absolutely stunning.

    I'm having a hard time choosing between these to colors. :push:

    Congrats on the new LV beauties!!
  5. Congrats!
  6. oooh lovelies! congrats!
  7. Yup :yes: I got both. I originally planned on only getting one after seeing if I could get a Pomme heart since I didn't want to have two pieces in the same color but since the hearts release is getting pushed to next month :tdown: and everyone saying this is a LE piece I had to buy it now before they are gone. Since it's such a practical piece I figured it's ok to get two. Amarante is also very stunning but there was no way I was getting triplets.
  8. congrats! i love the violette one!! :smile:
  9. wow!!! they're both gorgeous!!! congrats!!!
  10. Soo gorgeous!!
  11. I just got the violette one yesterday, but I went back to the boutique today to check out the pomme one because I love all the pics I'm seeing on tpf. It's so beautiful!! And you're right, the amarante is also stunning!! I want them all, but I can't justify having three!!
  12. I really want one of theses in Indigo. If only.
  13. So beautiful! I hope there's still a violette one waiting for me in March!
  14. aira108, your pictures were partially the reason I got the Violette today. You captured the color so well, I just kept staring at them and then decided I HAD to get one.
  15. halunfishie how much fits in the new cles compared to the old one? I'm so tempted to get myself one, but I might have to wait until after I get the heart in violette!