Presenting my 'new' vintage jumbo

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  1. Now that tpf is back up, I need to share. Here's what I got in the mail :yahoo:.....doesn't it look beautifully big with my daughter carrying it?
    Thank you to the girls in the "authenticate this..." post and to my new Chanel friend Aurora!

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  2. love it!!!
  3. love, love, love it!!!! Looks fabulous on both of you!
  4. Gorgeous!!!
  5. Wow. Looks fab on you! You didn't show me the 1st pic before..can't wait to see that in person.
  6. And here are the pics of my 2 beauties......

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  7. Gorgeous, love it!!
  8. Oooh they look so pretty side by side..Now you need the ew to complete the family!
  9. Look great!

  10. Gosh, I LOVE Jumbos! That vintage piece is BEAUTIFUL. Do you know how old it is?

    You look lovely with it, and it looks HUGE against your daughter! Hehe so cute!
  11. Oh I love it! :love:
  12. Gorgeous style! it's one of my favorite vintage styles! I have 4 in this style and just love it!

    is yours caviar or lambskin? Congrats!
  13. Looks Super on the both of you!!
  14. Congratulations! It's lovely!
  15. the bag is lovely and you look so great and fit for having a child!!