Presenting my new love!

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    Hi ladies, sorry to open a new thread as this bag already posted but I wanted to share a heavy photo post to share all little details of my new love. Please let me share because I wanted to share the joy :p

    Also, I am happy to know that from today onwards, all seasonal bag will be having the magnetic classic box, cloth camellia flower and ribbon as well and a different care booklet. I will share little bit of details on this as well. Am not sure if it apply to all country.

    Hope you gals enjoy it! I'm so excited! :roflmfao::graucho:
    coco 2.jpg coco 6.jpg coco 7.jpg coco 8.jpg coco 9.jpg coco 10.jpg coco mod 1.jpg coco mod 2.jpg coco 12.jpg coco 11.jpg
  2. Gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!! And it's really nice that seasonal bags now have the whole package, too...
  3. Congrats!!! This bag rock!!! :urock:
  4. Thanks. I totally agree! Really love the magnetic box too. I find the normal box rather small usually like squeezing seasonal bag into a bad fitting box. This classic box has a lot of space in it so I can have plenty of space to store the chain separate without touching the leather. Really nice ;)
  5. congrats on ur gorgeous new love! :happydance:
  6. Congrats!!! The black is amazing too! You look absolutely awesome carrying it! Is this the smaller size and may I know how tall you are? The large light brown that I got can look quite big depending on the angle. So happy for u!
  7. Thanks. I am 170cm in height. Considering tall for an asian woman I think haha.. I too feel it looks like a right size for me in the photo. But when I carry the bag I feel abit big too but I think it is because of the thick chain so the whole bag will have a v muscular feeling. I still like it overall. Perfect details. I like urs colour too but considering I do not hv black chanel so I go for it. U started using yet?
  8. Congrats!!I like this bag, but always had this question is it easy to get in and out of the bag due to zipper and flap?
  9. Amazing bag, love it! The new care booklet is huge compared to the old one.
  10. Gorgeous bag and looks great on you! Congrats!
  11. Gorgeous bag! Congratulations!!
  12. the detail on the bag is stunning! wow! so sad i missed out on the changes to the seasonal bags....i bought my last seasonal at Christmas and don't see another in my foreseeable future until i get enough $$ saved.
  13. Beautiful! What is this bag called? It's gorgeous!
  14. spectacular first black Chanel...enjoy it and cherish your new bag experience!
  15. Gorgeous Coco Sporran flap bag! Is this the jumbo or the medium size? It looks fabulous on you! Love that you got the new box, too! What country are you in? I'm just a curious sort today. Love, love, love your new bag! Congrats!!! :love::love::love: