Presenting.... my new Chanel Reissue 16A red chevron with GHW

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  1. I have a couple of Chanel bags.. but never liked the Reissue. But, I suddenly got obsessed with Reissues in the past few weeks (it’s the CHANEL MADNESS, I tell ya!) and bought this baby.

    I have totally gone heart-eyes over her, so please allow me to share!

    So this is the 16A Reissue 225, in red chevron aged calfskin and aged GHW. SHE. IS. DIVINE.

    I’ve also posted some “what fits” pics for your reference!

    Now I am obsessing over yet another Reissue.. but trying to decide between a 224 or 226!

    QUESTION: Do your husbands/bfs like your bags? My husband likes all of them... except this bag lol. Now he calls me “a 70 year old granny” because he reckons the bag only suits really old people. And he keeps asking me if I need a walking stick to match. Men!!!!!

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  2. Congrats on this breathtaking beauty!
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  3. I have this bag in the so black from 16A and it’s one of my favorites. I also have the 226 16A in black chevron with gold hardware. They’re great bags! Much easier to carry than the jumbo and they go with everything. The 226 fits my sunglasses and some extra stuff, but I have downsized what I carry now so the 225 is much easier on the shoulder.
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  4. Beautiful bag!

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  5. Congratulations, beautiful bag and beautiful family!
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  6. Absolutely love it Beverly. The reissue is timeless and under the radar compared to the cf.

    My DH has never called my reissue a granny bag ( he probably wouldn’t dare :lol: !). But I think it’s an ageless style. Id like to think that in 40 years when I’m 70 I’d still wear a reissue. I love it, especially in the gorgeous deep red! Looks lovely with your reissue quilted pouch too :heart:
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  7. It's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was the bag I was more interested in in your other post !!!! [emoji3] I don't have a reissue because it's never been my style but out of all the reissues, the Chevron ones are the most gorgeous!

    My husband doesn't like any of my Chanel purses lol. He rolls his eyes at them because it's a "waste of money" and "doesn't understand them". He did say out of all the brands he'd rather me get chanel due to the increase in value (he's a business guy). I work hard and buy them responsibly with my own money so he doesn't say anything. He just wants me to be happy so he's happy when he sees me with my purses (sometimes I go in my closet and sit on the floor to play with them [emoji3])

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  8. Gorgeous reissue! Congratulations! Love the chevron wallet too [emoji173]️[emoji173]️[emoji173]️
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  9. Stunning bag!! Congrats!!
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  10. Thank you for your comments, ladies!

    *I* love my bag, so all that matters right ;) I love how the 225 reissue can go from casual to formal, and it truly is so timeless. Now I’m eyeing a metallic one! The addiction is real......
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  11. Gorgeus..
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  12. You look absolutely stunning in that bag. I’m leaning towards a reissue too now over a boy bag????? Enjoy your beautiful bag
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  13. So pretty!
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  14. I want one too! My husband actually doesn't like the big CC logo of the classic flaps but he really liked the chevron so black 226 that I just got. He thinks CF are old lady's bag & reissue is edgier. Totally opposite opinion. Hahah~
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  15. The bag is actually stunning but I almost had an heart attack when I saw who you was! I always read your blog, I think it’s the only one that I truly enjoy!!

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