Presenting....My new Chanel Loves

  1. I've been an LV girl for a long time :nuts:, but now I'm so into the beauty of Chanel. :heart: I'm so excited to show everyone my 2 new beauties:yahoo:: Dark White Jumbo Caviar Flap & Medium Pink Caviar Flap!! They both go so well with many items in my closet. :wlae:I posted modeling pics of how well the jumbo goes with dressy & casual clothes. I think that the new chain makes it more versatile. Without furthur adieu............


    Modeling pics:
    c3.jpg c4.jpg
  2. congrat kathy!!! i love them both, they look great on there modelling pic of the pink?
  3. Great choices!! They both look wonderful on you. Enjoy!
  4. Very nice Kathy....Love the pictures, thanks for posting them esp. the modeling pictures. Enjoy your new loves....:smile:
  5. Beautiful bags- congrats!!
  6. GORGEOUS! you wear them beautifully!!!!!
  7. Kathy, very lovely bags, congrats!

    Can you tell me how long the drop on the strap is on the dk white jumbo? so from your shoulder to the top of the bag what is the length? Is it the same as the classic jumbo?
  8. LOVE it.....yet another person is making me second guess returning my dk. white wish it had the old chain.......

  9. LOVE them both..Im a sucker for the new chain!!!SO PRETTY!
  10. I love them! That new chain is so beautiful too! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  11. Oh Kathy I just love them!! So Sexy!
  12. wowie!! Gorgeous!!!! Look at all these converts LoL!!! :wlae:
  13. Thank you! I'll try to take some modeling pics of the pink tomorrow. lol.
  14. OH KATHY!!!:drool:
    Did you order them from Shannon?

    YEA, Kathy should be spending some time in here w/ us!:choochoo:
  15. The jumbo looks gorgeous on you, can't wait to see the pink on!