MJ family!

  1. You all are such enablers! After lurking here for a couple of months, and after having never owned any designer bags before (except for Coach), I bought THREE MJs within the span of two months. I am on a handbag ban forever...but the greatest part is, I paid much less than retail on all three! most recent purchase, the Hudson in dark/chocolate brown (paid about $620):


    I had lusted after the Chilli Hudson for a long time, but when I found this on sale on the Bloomie's site a while back, I quickly transferred my affections. The only problem has been finding the *right* chocolate/dark brown Hudson - boy, did I buy (and return!) a bunch before I found the right one! I felt like Goldilocks the whole time. One had melted coating on the handles. Another had a broken handle. Two others were waaaay too light (think milk chocolate instead of dark), and seemed to have leather that was dyed differently (they weren't as "crispy" as the ones I liked). The one I ordered from the NAP sale had a huge scratch in the leather! I had despaired of ever finding the right chocolate brown Hudson...until I found the one at Bloomie's last week!

    The most outrageously shiny blackish-brown leather...almost patent, but not quite. Super-flashy in its shinyness and cream patent striping, but with the perfect bit of elegance and structure to restrain it. When I found out that the Chilli Hudson was being re-released for S/S '07 (thanks baglover!!!), I was initially really excited - but then I looked at the photos, and realized that it wouldn't work nearly as well with my wardrobe as the Chocolate Brown color does. This color can be dressed up, dressed down - and I can wear it with whatever. Even more gorgeous IRL than in these photos.


    The first MJ bag I ever bought, though, was technically M by MJ. It's the Beth Hobo in the dark dark eggplant shade (forgot the name) (paid about $150 on Such a dark eggplant that it's very neutral; almost black. This is my perfect everyday work and shopping bag! I love this bag so much, and interestingly enough, I've gotten more compliments on it from friends and coworkers than any of my other handbags...


    The details are totally to-die-for! Besides the cute little metal-studded bow on the pockets and the handy magnetic pocket-closures, I'm also in love with the circle cutouts on the shoulder strap, the sweet little zipper pull, and the gorgeous lining!

    And last but not least, my E/W stam in black (from NAP sale, paid $700 because of a tiny nick on the zipper!). My SO told me this is his favorite bag. I'm petite and had tried out the regular stam before, but found that it overwhelmed my frame (I'm only 5'1"). I like it the E/W stam a lot - the kisslock is now one of my favorite purse elements - but it's SO HEAVY. Interestingly enough, the chain strap is really comfy and I like carrying it with the chain strap over my shoulder when I'm running errands with the bag (not an easy feat!).


    Here's a photo of me carrying the bag (excuse the dirty mirror and the random outfit!):

    Thanks for reading (and for teaching me so much about MJ)!
  2. ^ Jujube, multiple congrats are in order!!!
    You did good!!! You got great deals on all 3 bags especially gorgeous Hudson! You look great with your E/W Stam. Congrats & enjoy! =)
  3. Beautiful! I'm glad you've de-lurked!:yes:
  4. Great
  5. You look FAB with that bag! Congrats on ALL of did alot of GOOD damage this week!LOLOLOL!
  6. I meant to post....(hit the send button on accident!)....

    Great collection. Love that HUDSON. It is one of my all time favorites. The dark brown is really nice.

    This site is dangerous. I am going to go broke.
  7. I :heart: your collection!!! Fabulous choices!

    I know what you mean... after joining this site, I am afraid that every time I walk into Neiman's I'm going to just start grabbing things from my list like a crazy woman.... I'm trying to space it out... but its sooo hard....

    Since Dec. 06 I've purchased 2 MJs, 2 Coach bags, & I really, really want to look at the bal catalog when I'm in Troy (NM) this afternoon..... *sigh* You're not alone!:graucho:
  8. Great bags! I especially LOVE the Hudson... it's definitely on my wish list. Congratulations!!!
  9. Congrats on your new acquisitions. And you got great deals on them and they look great on you!
  10. I am in love with your new Stam! Gorgeous! congrats on your new MJ's!
  11. Great for you!!! Love the E/W!!! Congrats! :heart: Emmy
  12. wow, you definitely got some fabulous deals, esp. on hudson! have a gorgeous collection started!
  13. aww, thanks to everyone for all your sweet replies! :nuts::nuts: what a nice thing to wake up to! you guys are all so supportive...making it more dangerous for me since i'm sure i buy so much more. :roflmfao:

    oh - and bags4bubbles - balenciaga has been tempting me too! but i'm trying hard to resist going down that path...then i would be *totally* broke! :p

    have a great day ladies~
  14. You're bags are fabulous! Congrats on scoring such great deals on all of these wonderful bags. Enjoy!!
  15. Love your bags!

    I think I have the same leather skirt that you are wearing in your east/west stam picture - was it from anthropologie?