Presenting my Miroir Lockits!

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  1. ahhh... to think that I hated Miroir when it first came out. I'm cutting right to the chase and presenting my Gold and Silver Lockits. :p
    miroir.JPG lockits.JPG
  2. yayyyyy congrats colleen! i know i told you that like over 2x today lol.

    i can't decide if i'm jealous or proud of you hehehe :smile:
  3. :drool: Gorgeous! Yours Miroirs are spectacular to look at in pairs!

  4. Caley, I know. It's crazy. I looked at them and I couldn't decide, so I just bought both. :shrugs: I keep looking at them and admiring the shine.
  5. So pretty, congrats!
  6. Congrats ... I need my :supacool:to view those babies..stunning ...great collection:heart:
  7. Colleen,

    You are the lockit queen! They're all beautiful...I wanna see pics of the heart on the Miroir.

    I'll go ahead and say, it...SOOOOO JEALOUS!!!

  8. beautiful!
  9. i was so excited for you all the way back when our SA didn't even know about miroir lockit. knew you were waiting for this bag and i'm SOOO happy you got both!
  10. OK, I'm kicking myself right now! Congrats!
  11. Love Them!!
  12. So gorgeous! Congrats!
  13. :shocked:
  14. Colleen, those are absolutely stunning! Congratulations on getting both. The silver will be awesome for day but the gold will truly stand out at night.
  15. congrats Colleen!! they go hand in hand!