Presenting my militaire suede weekender....

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  1. Purchased this morning, I had been eyeing the militaire work for some time but it had been sold by the time I got back to the store (it was a month later LOL)...
    I actually wanted a weekender as it is perfect for travel and every day and the suede makes it so light. The handles seem a bit longer on this one than usual, which enables me to fit it comfortably on my shoulder. Needless to say, I am utterly in loooove!! Sorry, pics aren't great as they were taken with my mobile

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  2. Congrats on your purchase! Militaire is a great shade of green. Not a huge fan of suede, but I like it! Enjoy you brand new suede WE!!
  3. Militaire really is quite beautiful. Congratulations on a stunning new bag Laetitya.
  4. congrats, it is really special, I love the color! :flowers:
  5. Gorgeous colour.
    Many congrats.
  6. She's divine! The Weekender is such a wonderful style and you can't beat Militaire for versatility, CONGRATS!!
  7. Absolutely gorgeous !!! I have the blue suede work, and when I purchased it, I saw the military green suede bags in the store (city, work & velo). The color is fabulous !! Huge congrats, it's so beautiful for fall !! and thanks for sharing !!
  8. Congrats. Another Militaire, yayyy.:yahoo:
  9. OOOH it's huge - loads of lovely Bal suede for your $$! I haven't tried a weekender IRL, but it looks soooo spacious, perfect! congrats :Partyhat:
  10. Oh gosh more and more suede appear here and it make me jealous lol
    Congratulations! The bag looks great on you
  11. That bag is HUGE! I LOVE the colour, such a beautiful shade of khaki and the suede looks very soft. Congrats!
  12. congrats
  13. What a gorgeous WE! I am biased because green is my favorite color but that bag rocks. Nice job!
  14. Gorgeous gorgeous suede WE! Huge congrats!!!
  15. That's a HUGE bag! PERFECT for travel! Congrats!