presenting ... my LE Mirage Speedy-Noir


Jun 17, 2008
Oh Yes Yes Yes ! This is a TDF collection .. Love your new addition. Congrats

Just wonderful... You have a wonderful collection of LE Louis Vuittons :cloud9:

Beautiful! Congrats! Can never have enough speedies! I have the Mirage in noir too, but now I want it in Bordeaux!!!

Wow ..congrats .. beautiful collection too:smile:

Oh I just love this bag!! Your other speedy's are so great too!! Congrats!

Wonderful Louis vuitton collection. I have always thought the mirage was very unique. Enjoy!!!!

A HUGE congrats on such an iconic and timeless show bag! I have loved mine since the day I bought it. I know you will enjoy this beauty! Congrats. & wear her well!!

thank you all! i truly appreciate your comments. part of the fun of getting a new bag is sharing with everyone on tPF, people who really appreciate LV:cloud9: