Presenting my first Birkin.....

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  1. Really beautiful bag!!! Congratulations on your first Birkin---and a fabulous one at that!!!
  2. What a beautiful bag!! Love the color. Enjoy!!
  3. Graphite is LOVELY! thank you for sharing!!!!! congrats on you first.... of MANY
  4. Awesome! That's the color I want as well :nuts:
  5. Congrats on a beautiful birkin!
  6. Absolutely stunning. Congratulations on your first Birkin! I'm so happy for you! : )
  7. Congrats, its beutiful!
  8. What a beautiful color for your first Birkin! there an interesting story behind it?
  9. divine!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  10. Beautiful bag! Classic and neutral colour. Congrats and enjoy.:tup:
  11. Loooooooooove graphite! Well done she's a beauty
  12. Very very pretty! Congratulations!
  13. Fantastic colour, just love it!
  14. congrats.. what a beautiful bag. I wish one day I will have my first birkin too..
  15. Congrats! Wow, the color looks really different with and without flash, amazing!