Presenting: My $6.53 Capacity Wristlet and Mini Skinny :)

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  1. :tup: love the capacity wristlet. i think that they are the best wristlets. the color is lovely
  2. Great deal! I really like the color combo! Have in in vegas!
  3. Thank you everyone!! :smile:
  4. I love them both!
  5. I love them! They are so cute!
  6. They are adorable. :tup:
  7. Oh I want a capacity wristlet too! Pretty purchases. I love your signature btw, Phelps is a hottie.
  8. That's a fabulous deal. Have fun in Vegas. That plum shade is just delicious...
  9. I was just looking at one of those!!!! Holy moly!!!
  10. Wow , good deal , they are so beautiful together , lucky you !