Presenting: My $6.53 Capacity Wristlet and Mini Skinny :)

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  1. I've been wanting one of these for a while now! I received the $50 off $150 card in July and figured woohoo, perfect timing... But how did it cost me only $6.53? Well.........

    I got the Wristlet and Mini Skinny... and added on the Signature fabric cleaner to make my total just over $150.00... I used my $50 off coupon and a $100 GC that I won in a Sweepstakes from Sprite.... Can't beat that!!!!

    So here she is! This will be PERFECT for Vegas in 2 weeks!



  2. AWESOME deal!! Man I gotta figure out how to enter myself in sweepstakes, I never figured anyone actually wins them! And a Coach gf no less!
  3. Wow you can't beat that now can you! Awesome & congrats.:woohoo:
  4. I play every day and win about 10-15 things a month!! There have been a lot of contests lately that are giving away money :smile: I just got another $100 GC in the mail on Friday! I'm saving it for the Vegas outlets :yahoo:
  5. Beautiful set! And you definitely can't beat the price. This will be perfect for your Vegas trip. Enjoy it and good luck in Vegas!

  6. Thank you christylou!!
  7. Congrats, cute buys. I also enter sweepstakes and have won two of the sprite cards.
  8. You're lucky! I've only been able to win once and I had to stay up all night to play lol! My other $100 is from the Lipton game! :smile:

    Do you visit sweeps sites?? I'm a member at OLS and SD :smile:
  9. I LOVE that capacity wristlet and mini!! Congrats!
  10. Thank you Admat!! :smile:
  11. I'm a member at OLS, Red Hot Sweeps and mail newsletters..Sweepsheet and Sweeping America.
  12. Woahhhh.... where can I find these contests?! :wtf:
  13. I do the sweeps and also mypoints and inbox dollars, I am always getting giftcards and free stuff in the mail.

  14. For a beginner, one of the best sites I've found is:
  15. What an awesome deal you got! :smile: