Presenting: Miss Dita .. she just came off the jet

  1. isn't she gorgeus?? She is such a classy little lady..xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Click for larger pics..



  2. that clutch is adorable!!! she's so pretty in white!!
  3. So cute! I love the little CC clasp.
  4. Now THAT is tdf- congrats & enjoy!
  5. She is gorgeous! Love it! :heart:
  6. So gorgeous:girlsigh: Such a classy clutch. Enjoy!:smile:
  7. Its beautiful, congrats!
  8. Love it!!! Congratulations! :heart:
  9. stunning:love: --enjoy!:yes:
  10. White is soo pretty! Congrats!
  11. whatta beauty! :tup:
  12. [​IMG]



    Congrats! She's a beauty:drool::drool:

    I really love the timeless clutch and i hope to own one too but in black lambskin:love::flowers:
  13. oooh Mai, you are so welcome :biggrin: and she looks incredible. Is that a J12 you are wearing? wow what a combination (I have to wait another 7 weeks for mine yet sob!!!!)

    Congratulations, its a stunning bag on you :smile:
  14. she's stunning!!!

    congrats Mai!!!

    p.s your nick sounds like a vietnamese name =)
  15. :love: great pics!