Presenting KIRBY!!!

  1. Here is our little "Misbehaving" shar-pei.

    :love: we adopted him even though he has an umbilical hernia. will require surgery in six months. We love him.
    kirby.JPG kirby2.JPG kirby3.JPG kirby4.JPG
  2. so cute.... look at his puppy dog's eyes....
  3. He's so cute! What does he do to misbehave or is it normal puppy naughtiness? Good for you adopting a dog and giving him a loving home.
  4. Aww he looks too innocent & cute in the pictures to be a misbehaving puppy!
  5. That is seriously one of the cutest dogs I've seen. With those eyes, I'd give him anything he wanted! :p
  6. So adorable =) such a beautiful face :love:
  7. Awww little smoooshy face! So kissable!
  8. Oh, gosh! I laughed out loud when I saw Kirbys funny face. How adorable! I could never pass up that little guy if he was looking for a home. It's wonderful that you adopted him and I'm envious....I want a Kirby, too.
  9. he is adorable and totally innocent looking!! are you sure he misbehaves? :graucho:

    yes give me a cute puppy and i melt... =P

    i'm so glad you guys adopted him and he can have the surgery he needs, it's really awesome of you guys. i'm sure he's very happy to have found both of you. =)
  10. Oh my Kirby did make me smile, he has the same look as my Bloodhound which also looks totally fed up. (although they are not really just the way they look)
    Adorable I wish you many many happy years with him
  11. OMG..He is beyond precious!congrats!
  12. Awwwwwwwwwww.... i wana hug him!! all the very best for the surgery!! :p
  13. oh MAN he is SUCH a KIRBY!!!
  14. OH my look at that face....Kirby is adorable! :love:

    BTW our cat had a hernia like that also that we had to get taken care of when she was spayed!
  15. Aww ...cute winkley face!! How adorable.