Presenting incredibly HOT new Gucci clogs...

  1. OK all, after a wine-soaked night of online shopping (which some of you were witness to in another thread, hee hee) these gorgeous babies arrived yesterday!

    I am not going to post pix wearing them just yet b/c I am sans pedicure and don't to scare anyone...:push:

    I'm in LOVE!!! :drool: :drool: :drool: 4 1/2" heels...look out, world! :yahoo:
    Gucci1.jpg Gucci2.jpg Gucci3.jpg
  2. That is one hot shoes! Congrats!
  3. Very nice Gucci's!!!
  4. Lovely.
  5. Love them!!
  6. Those are hot....
  7. Very cute!
    I would also suggest the Foot Petals foot pads in black (that you can get from Nordstroms) to make them more comfortable.
  8. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!
  9. Those are hot!!! Congratulations.
  10. Gorgeous :drool:
  11. LOL, I remember that night!!

    Those shoes are HOT!!!! :nuts:
  12. super pretty!

    when i wear wooden soles, they rub against my toes and hurt.. how do you prevent that?
  13. lovely!
  14. Oh, wow! They are so them! I cannot for the life of me walk in super high heels, unfortunately...I look so awkward that I dare not try to take the spectacle out in public!
  15. I'm going to try the suggestion a few posts up about foot petals, and I will wear them around the house a few times to get used to them and get the canvas broken in. These are pretty snug so I don't think my feet will rub too much on the wood.