Presenting... Gainsboro

  1. sbelle - I'll try to weigh it but give me a day or two to respond. I used the bag for the first time today and it ended up being quite heavy. Then again, you can see from below how many things I put inside it.

    The inner pouch (stuffed with my junk)
    Opera medium cosmetic case
    Corniola flat key case (stuffed with cards)
    Steel Stucco Ayers long wallet
    BV sunnies
    Leather-bound Paper notebook
    Celine Trio

    I only put the Celine Trio inside the bag to see if I could use this for travel. I like having a smaller extra bag in case I need to downsize for quick trips to the market or for nights out.

    If I had a very minor nit, I seem to prefer the tubular handles of the Cabat vs. the flat handles of the Lido. It just feels better on my hands or the crook of my arm since I tend to carry them that way vs. slinging it on my shoulder.
  2. Just breathtakingly gorgeous...swoon...
  3. Thanks TDL -- no hurry as the money tree is currently bare. :lol:
  4. i can smell the heavenly leather from here!
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    Caught you in a stealth reveal a la sbelle, did I ? :busted

    I remember your previous family pics well because the rainbow of color is similar to mine.

    HK is indeed a reseller's and shopper's paradise, isn't it? What fun!
  6. i keep coming back to see the group picture. Pls put it in the reference thread! beautiful minis...
  7. LOL! The icon says it all :lol:
  8. Took it out for its maiden voyage today... here it is an dusk descends over the city.
  9. damn, woman! you are one of the best enablers on this forum! i really want one now and am actually considering canceling an order to get this bag :thinking:
  10. TDL-we can always depend on your for awesome pictures and excellent taste in bags !!!!!
  11. TDL- have missed you; hope all is well.
    i see you have been busy. just love the gainsboro and the other mini's and like apey- i am now considering one but like sbelle the money tree is a bit bare. thanks for all the pictures and comparison shots. they are truly tempting me.
    enjoy- it is a great bag.
  12. Great to see you back, Grandmommie and thanks for the feedback! It takes one to know one.

    Hi annie9999 - I miss you guys too. I was supposed to come for the US Open once again but work got in the way. I hope to get to NYC this year (cross my fingers). My money tree is not just bare, there is an official drought after Gainsboro! :lol:
  13. Ok, well how about some "disabling" then? I've weighed the bags using a digital luggage scale and here's the verdict: (heaviest to lightest)

    Tourmaline Vachette Medium Cabat = 1.3 kg or 2.87 lbs
    Gainsboro Perlato Metal Lido = 1.2 kg or 2.65 lbs
    Barcelona/PO Medium Cabat = 1.1 kg or 2.43 lbs
    Ottone Mini Cabat = 0.8 kg or 1.76 lbs
    Lilac & Noce Minis = 0.7 kg or 1.54 lbs
    Ebano Mini Cabat = 0.6 kg or 1.32 lbs (I'm not sure why this is lighter)

    Unfortunately, I don't have other Lidos to compare it with. I just know from memory that the heaviest Lido I've ever tried on was the Micropizzo from last Fall. The Vernice might be lighter given the material and the Caiman Nuvolato from memory might weigh the same given the tubular fettuce.

    Despite all of the above, the weight doesn't really bother me. I'm so used to my Tourmaline Cabat and never considered my medium Barcelona to be heavy. I know other people may feel differently. It feels like a very solid and substantial bag when hand-carried.

    apey_grapey - I agonized over the same thing. In the end, I canceled 2 of my orders to get this one and I absolutely have no regrets.
  14. Congrats on your Gainsboro tote! Your newest beauty shows BV's superb craftsmanship that we all adore. :smile:
  15. That is unbelievable gorgeous! What a beauty