presenting... damier azur speedy...

  1. lolz just kidding:roflmfao: maybe soon! But I bought something instead, to replace my starvation:push: ... Okay, SAs here in manila are kinda late for the news on the new items to be released... ughh never mind, I almost bought the mini lin bucket, but when I looked at it very well, I saw some thread coming off. ugh, and the SA gave me another new stock, although it was flawless, I have decided to get the damier speedy 30 instead, yes its a 30.. I never thought I could pull it off , well I think I did:nuts: , and bf agreed.. so here is the brunette:love: :love:
    20012007(002).jpg 20012007(001).jpg
  2. Congrats! It's beautiful!
  3. thanks, ok, I'm starting to hate mini lin now(don't kill me... )...... I am soooo glad I didnt get the bucket :smile:
  4. fabulous! love the damier! congrats
  5. congrats on your new speedy :smile:
  6. Hahaha! Thanks for making me laugh this early :lol: Congrats!!!
  7. mbarbi!!!! :biggrin:
  8. it's beautiful! congrats!
  9. Very nice, love Speedys :love:
  10. COngrats and enjoy your damier speedy:graucho:. I also just bought the 25 one, almost get the 30 but it just way too big for my size.
  11. I never thought I could pull off a 30... I also have a mono in 25, its time to change in size... ;)
  12. Congratulations.
  13. yay!!! So happy for your adorable little 'standby'!
  14. LOL congrats on the brunette sibling to your desired azur speedy :biggrin:
  15. Good choice :yes: