Presentation of my flap bag + LOTS of PICS!

  1. Hi girls! I had some spare time to fool around with my new purchase. I got a beige caviar med flap with gold hardware. It is so lovely! My first light colored, gold hardwared Chanel. I didn't realise the caviar is so stiff (all my bags are lambskin or patent). It was $1595 + tax. Broke my ban because of this but I wanted to get it before the price hike! I love it!!

    L-R (Beige med caviar classic, '06 Bordeaux reissue 225, Black Diamond Shine Flap) ;)
    flapfam1.JPG flapfam2.JPG flapfam3.JPG

    New baby in detail:

    She can fit so much more than my reissue. Her rigidity helps it!
    It was fun doing this. Sorry for the blurriness.
  2. ^^ Oh man, I thought there would be thumbnails instead of links to the pics. Sorry! But the pics still show at least!
  3. hey ..It's a "Flap FEST" :nuts: :yahoo: :nuts:

    Love your beautiful family!
  4. gorgeousimosso!
    am killing myself here..i love them!!

    enjoy !!
  5. Lucky! Those are great. Congrats!!
  6. Great bag!!!!! The beige looks pretty with the gold hw.
  7. Beautiful family you've got going there! Congrats on your new Flap!
  8. Thanks for the kind comments ladies!! I know I'm making everyone fat because of all this eye candy. Hehehe. ;) The pic shows the beige quite true to the color IRL. It looks best with gold hw IMO.

    Oops! I haven't added a modeling pic of the beige.
    S5030050.JPG S5030055.JPG

    FYI: did you all know that gold hardware on Chanel is 22K! (plated though, not solid) That's still great compared to other brands' rendition of gold hardware, more often than not brass or even brass plated.
    The silver hardware on SOME not all Chanel bags, like my diamond shine flap has rhodium/rhutenium hardware which is a precious metal. I'm not sure if it's solid rhodium, I don't think so-it may be alloy with mostly rhodium content.
  9. Gorgeous!!!
  10. Loooovely!
  11. I LOVE the beige!!!!! It looks great on you...One happy family!! :heart: Emmy
  12. WOW:nuts: You did well, congrats!
  13. Love all your bags! Thanks for sharing. Love, love your Bordeaux reissue.
  14. Oooh! I was just daydreaming about your exact bag! :nuts:
    I think the beige caviar with gold hw is absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations!
    And thanks for the info on the 22k gold plated hw. I always wondered what the symbol on the CC clasp was on the gold but had nevered bothered to ask.
  15. WOW - looks great! Now they all need names!!