present to myself (pics) :D

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  1. so today I just gave a presentation on my thesis work at this really big conference in washington DC, was sooo nervous about it for the past few days (that's why I haven't really posted recently)...had to fly across the country too so it was quite a big ordeal.

    but now that it's all over with, I have some time to visit TPF!! :p And I thought i'd post one of my recent acquirements...a Cerises pochette I just got about a week ago!! :yahoo: The 3rd picture is with the Juicy bracelet (works like a charm as an extender!) and the 4th picture is me modeling it (excuse the messy house! lol).


    When I first got it, the first thing I thought of was "wow, the cherries look soo much prettier than in pictures!!!". Indeed, photos don't do it justice..they look really awesome IRL.

    And I got it for $295, and it's in pretty good condition, so I think I got a really good deal! :yes: Lately I've been carrying it around everywhere. It's pretty roomy actually, I can easily fit my Pomme Ludlow, cell phone, camera, and a few lipglosses in there as well.
  2. Congrats! Love the cerise line
  3. congreats are your bag,
    and it looks so awsome on you
  4. it looks nice ! congrats !
  5. Wow, That is pretty, and that charm on the handel is that something you can buy at the LV store?
  6. That's a cute 'lil' present... good for you... congrats hon!
  7. It's adorable!
  8. thanks! and no, that little heart "charm" is part of the Juicy Couture bracelet which I bought separately (I got it at Nordstrom's for $35). I bought it after reading a thread on here somewhere about "handmade" pochette extenders (do a search on here, I'm sure you will be able to find it). LV does sell a pochette extender, but its really expensive for what it is IMHO (it's like $120..maybe $80 used on eBay). Plus, I don't think it's as cute as the Juicy bracelet. :biggrin:
  9. It's so cute. I love it. Can I ask if you found it on eBay? Congrats.
  10. Congrats....i LVoe that pochette!!
  11. looks cute on you, congrats.
  12. that's sooo cute! congrats!!!
  13. Thanks! and yeah, I got it on ebay. :yes: If you do a search on completed items and find a cerises pochette that sold for $295, that's likely the one that I got. :smile: i had seen a lot of them go for $400+, so i thot $295 was a decent deal. the one i got had very clear pictures, good feedback, and i got it authenticated here on tpF. :biggrin: i'm sure you can find one for around the same price if you just search for a while. i think the key is to keep searching ebay until you can find one at the price you want (from reputable seller and all that). :yes:
  14. Congrats!! looks great on u!!
  15. wow very cute! luv it!