Present My Humble Beauty

  1. After a long...long...long....debate and discussion, I finally pulled the trigger to go for this beauty. Thank you all for your expertise and opinions. It's highly appreciated. Here we go, I would to share with you guys, my 2nd humble Doir beauty.
  2. oh i can't wait!! i feel like we got to go shopping with you - seeing the pics from the store!! congratulations!!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  3. Sure sure I love company to give opinions. Actually it's just window shopping......hehehe......
    Let me figure out how to squeeze the picture in's coming.
  4. Red patent??
  5. Hehehehe.....either the lilac or red patent. It's coming....
  6. Waiting :biggrin:
  7. Ok here she goes...
  8. More up close and personal shot:smile:
  9. Yay, you finally found your favorite!! Big congrats!
  10. Thanks! I found it . Don't know what took me so long.

  11. You just wanted to be sure! It's a lot of money on a bag so I totally understand!
  12. Absolutely breathtaking!
    Wear it in good health :smile:
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    Took her out for some sunshine today to show her true sexy colour under the sun. Thanks to my lovely son posing for me. Hehehehe....
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    What natural sun light can do to a bag. Sexy........
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    It is a lot........:smile: