Present From The SO...-

  1. Hi ladies-
    Someone had asked for pics of this watch in the other thread so I figured I would make a thread to share my new joy with my friends here =)

    The SO bought this for me this weekend. I love it. I got the Movado Vivo this weekend in silver and I wanted a Gold watch for special occasions and/or when I wear gold. When I saw this, I was in love!

    Unfortunately, I didn't love the price tag. It bothered me that it was 100 bucks more than the silver version of this. So I told the SA to put it up and kept coming back and back to look at it while we were in the store.

    Finally the SO said, "Babe, let me just get it for you." How could I say no to that? :yahoo: So we brought it home. God, I love that man!

    Just wanted to share with you ladies.
    What do you think? Any other gold watches come to mind that would be a better choice?

    Thanks =)
  2. Very pretty! He sounds like a keeper - I can't believe he tolerates shopping like that.
  3. Wow. This looks sooooo good on you. Especially with your complexion. Yeah, you better keep him. :biggrin:
  4. Wow! I fell in love with that watch when I saw it in the catalog. Your SO must be really awesome. Congrats!
  5. It looks very pretty on you, Congrats.
  6. Very pretty on you, keep that SO!
  7. Such a pretty watch it looks great on you!
  8. Damn that watch is looks great on you!!!
  9. you are a lucky girl! its beautiful!
  10. Hey! Did you know your new watch is on p. 11 of "O" magazine! Saw it at the gym tonight, brought it home and took a pic for ya :p

  11. looks great on you!!
  12. Oh wow it's SO PRETTY!
  13. I love the watch -- looks super on you!!! What a nice man you have, too!
  14. Very pretty!
  15. one word: wax