Present from my hubby!

  1. He just got back from a business trip to the states ( we live in Uk). He knows I love bags but I didn't mention 'coach' to him prior to the trip and he brought me back a gorgeous Coach keyring with a little blue leather legacy handbag attached (pond colour). It's gorgeous!!! Next time it might be a bag if I hint which ones I like!!!!

    Will maybe get chance to post piccies later! It's my first coach item!!!!
  2. Congrats! Isn't that such a cute and fun accessory?
  3. congrats ! pics pls...
  4. Congrats! What a sweet hubby you have!
  5. Oooh, how fun! What a great hubby.
  6. congrats i want one of those so badly. Have fun and we can't wait to see pics! YAY
  7. Congrats those keyfobs are so cute!!!!
  8. congrats!
  9. You're so lucky! Congrats! The pond rocks.
  10. Congrats!! I love the pond, it's such a beautiful color! Enjoy them! :yes:
  11. At least I think it's the pond colour! here's a piccie (at last!)

    even smaller!.jpg
  12. That's really cute. Congrats
  13. Very sweet hubby!
  14. Adorable! What a sweet husband!
  15. I found it on the website- just to clarify it is actually the Ergo handbag key fob!