Present from DH!

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  1. My wish has come true! A present from DH!:woohoo:

    I :heart: it!! Had my eye on this for the longest time! :yahoo: Time to celebrate!!
    DSC07028.JPG DSC07029.JPG
  2. How sweet! What a great DH! Enjoy your bag! Prada leather is TDF.
  3. Your DH is the best, what a great gift. The bag is fabulous. Congrats!
  4. Your DH is so sweet. Gorgeous bag, congrats & enjoy. =)
  5. What a sweet DH!!!!!!
    AWESOME BAG!!!!!!
  6. Beautiful!!! (Begging for modeling pics over here ~~~)
  7. that's a beautiful bag!
  8. Thanks ladies! Eerrmm dun think I'm much of a model right now, I'm 8mths preggers and really not very 'model-like'!! ;)
  9. Congrats! she is a beauty!
  10. Waw!!
  11. Great bag , im of to London nxt week and cant wait to go to sloane st....!
  12. I LOVE it! Congrats! What size is this one?
  13. love it!!
  14. Congrats! What a sweet DH!
  15. ^Yup..I'm begging for modeling pics too!!! Gorgeous bag!!! Drooling and breaking into a sweat while waiting......