Present for New Mom

  1. My friend is about to give birth... well, she is hoping its soon! It will most likely be a february birthday (Amethyst baby) and I was hoping to buy the new mommy something pretty... I dont want to go over board as already getting the baby something cute but i'd love to get her a little something... any ideas?

    thanks in advance! x
  2. I would go for a bracelet with either:

    *Amethyst in it

    *One of those mother bracelets with the baby's name beads and amethyst beads

    * Charm bracelet so with a heart tag to engrave the baby's name and birth or just a plain one that you can put a baby charm on it.
  3. Hi -

    I know lots of people buy dogeared items to celebrate a birth, marriage etc. The necklaces & charms are dainty and very sweet and most of the items are very reasonably priced. Good luck.
  4. cute ideas, thanks
  5. I just bought this for a friend who had twins and she loves it! She never takes it off! [​IMG]

    It looks adorable in person and it's super reasonably priced!! Here's the link to the site.
  6. How about a Pandora braclet with this gorgeous baby carriage bead? That way she can continue to add memories to her braclet and it gives you an easy gift option for a while! People LOVE these bracelets :smile: There's already a long thread devoted to Pandora here, and check out on of the best stockist websites:


  7. I love these pieces. They are so precious!
  8. I really like the idea of combining the baby's birthstone and name for a piece of jewelry, like the one below, but don't forget it may also be neat to just get something like "mommy" with the feb birthstone for now, but that is "expandable" so when second baby comes along, you could get her the new birthstone to add...and keep expanding with the family.

    Here is a necklace that you can select any name, nickname or phrase (like mommy, etc)with birthstones, etc..

    I also really like the fingerprint idea, too, cute!!