present for my boyfriend

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  1. im going new york in a weeks time so must bring back few presents for my boyfriend dont want spend my whole time lookin around as to what get him so im hoping for some suggestions from people who know bout places shop in new york or woodbury i would be looking for clothes for him like jeans t shirts and hoodies caps etc he is 24 and is into milatary or camouflage clothing so would any1 have any suggestions another thing is that it must be reasonable priced must save some shopping money for myself :tup:
  2. please can any1 help any suggestions would help dont want spend my whole time going in or out of shops lookin for some nice clothes if any1 could steer me in the direction of some nice shops that sell casual clothes for men you know tops jeans etc
  3. my boyfriend and his brother love the soho area. their age group is a little younger though. 19 & 21. try shops like supreme, dqm, bape, nom de guere, for casual/modern men's clothing.
  4. thanks for the info least your after steering me in the right direction cheers
  5. I love solid coloured tees from calvin klein and armani exchange..very useful and doesn't feel too warm during the summer too!
  6. thanks for the tips dont know if any of ye saw the latest need for speed dvd but all the girls are dressed in japanese style clothing i luv it is there any store in new york that you would get that style
  7. Just the usual stuff, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Armani exchange etc..
    Or try Barneys, its great for woman, never looked for men though.