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  1. hi, my younger brother is thinking of getting a practical bag for my mom's x'mas present. since her favourite daily bag is the medium looping bag, he's thinking of either getting the mini looping (monogram canvas) or the illovo mm (damier). he's still at university thus has a budget under £400. which one do you think is better/ nicer for everyday?
  2. I'd go with the Illovo, it's different since it's not in the monogram print and it's a comfortable shape.

    And your brother is super sweet !
  3. thank you very much. i will let him know first thing tomorrow :smile:
  4. That's true... I love the Illovo shape... Go for it! :biggrin:
  5. I'd get Illovo as well. She already has a mono bag so damier would be a nice change for her, IMO.:smile:
  6. The mini looping is ok but I too, have to agree, I think the Illovo would be a great gift ;)
  7. I think the Illovo would be a great everybag...and since she already has the medium looping bag, a mini looping would be too similar!
  8. illovo!
  9. The Illovo would be a lovely gift! I think it's a great price for such a lovely piece!:yes:
  10. The illovo for sure!! What a nice brother!
  11. My mom wants a denim neo speedy, I think it's so cute for a mom.
  12. Another Vote for the Illovo, and since its in Damier it will be a nice change!
  13. the mom has one and she loves it =)
  14. Def. the Illovo :yes:
  15. how about a wallet??
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