present for mother dearest

  1. i was wondering, "should i get my mom a coach tote or gucci tote for christmas..?"

    she saw my aunt's coach signature gallery tote[ ] and has mentioned a couple times that it was nice. i was browsing the gucci website and saw the abbey medium shoulder bag [ Gucci ]

    your thoughts?
  2. Would your mom like the metalic silver on the gucci? I know my mom probably wouldn't wear metalics, especially to work, but both bags seem really hip so maybe your mom is more into trendy things than my mom is? Also, Gucci is a nicer brand, in my opinnion, but I know my mom really loves Coach. I even got her a Coach bag for Christmas!

    If it were me I'd go for the Gucci, but it's really up to youo and what you think your mom's style is.