Present for ex-MIL

  1. I'm going to spend a week at my ex-fiance's parents house and I wanted to bring a present to my former MIL.
    I know a good bottle of wine would do just fine for the rest of the family I want to bring something special for her.

    Do you think it's OTT getting her a pair of Hermes mugs?

    I would have gotten her a scarf but she's an outdoorsy person and wouldn't have any use for it.
  2. If she's into fine china/porcelain, i think it's a good idea! Hermes houseware are beautiful :flowers:
  3. I'm not sure if she is into it. Do you think it's too good for daily use?
  4. Is she a big coffee/tea drinker? If you think she will enjoy them and they will go with her decor, why not?
  5. It's not too good for daily use if she can appreciate it...some people can't be bothered and a typical cup/mug is fine for them. Only you know the kind of person she is. Also, make sure you will feel she will use it. To buy it and put it aside is not a great idea. I would want her to use it.
  6. Perja,

    If she's an outdoorsy person, then how about a belt?
  7. I think it's so lovely you are in touch with your ex-fiance's parents. Would she enjoy using a coin pouch?
  8. I love the large coffee cups and saucers! I love drinking my morning coffee out of a fine porcelain LARGE cup....if she enjoys that then maybe a pair of those reallly big cups and saucers????

    Is she a smoker? If so, how about a beautiful ashtray? They're stunning too!
  9. I don't smoke, but use an Hermes ashtray for my jewellery whe I remove it at night.....they're great!
  10. Great idea, Kristie!!!! I LOVE those ashtrays and couldn't think of a use for one until now! Hmmmmmmm......
  11. That is a great idea! I love those ashtrays too! :yes:
  12. the patterns are SO pretty - every girl needs one as an earring/watch tray.......he, he!
  13. I purchased a set of four miniature ashtrays from Hermes for my Mum, who just has them displayed on a table in her hallway.....too pretty to have packed away!
  14. Ooh Kristie I love those!!!! So pretty!
  15. I love the ashtrays! I really really want the panda one.