present for a guy friend who has everything but hermes...

  1. i could only think of wallets and cigar cutter from hermes. any other suggestions?
  2. A tie or the playing cards :shrugs:
  3. cufflinks:

    Money clip:


  4. Agenda Or Belt Ftw!!
  5. Suspenders, desk blotter, stress ball, umbrella, bicycle, towels, Swiss army knife, credit card holder, business card holder, pen case, the entire RTW line, agenda, cell phone case, luggage tag, mouse pad, mini-tool kit, portable backgammon game, photo holder, writing desk, bath robe, watch, humidor, watch case, perpetual calendar, desk clock, tape measure, chopsticks, key ring...........
  6. Wow, HG you are a wealth of information.
  7. humidor would be perfect...