prescription sunnies

  1. the day has finally come that i truly cannot drive without my glasses on. :\ i'm going to break down and buy a pair of prescription sunglasses next week, but i'd like to get some designer frames since now i'll be limited to only one pair of sunglasses. :\

    does anyone have experience with buying designer frames at say Nordstrom or Saks then taking them to a binyons type place? i know i've seen some optomitrist office people kicking around there anything special i need to look in the fames themselves if i'm going to switch out the lenses?

    any reccomendations on brands that hold up well or styles i should look at? i can't pull off oversized sunglasses. the only thing i've seen that might work for me the oliver people's pheobie and the chanel 5102s. and i only have access to a Nordstrom, a Saks, a sunglass hut an a binyons/lenscrafters.

    if it makes a difference, i only need single vision lenses (astigmatism).

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  2. You want a perscription quality frame, but before you buy call around and see what it will cost to put your lenses in. Most places where I live offer discounts when you buy the frame and lens from them, but if you only want the lens they charge a fortune (Lenscrafters does this). Some even refuse to put lenses in a customer supplied frame--even if it's prescription quality.

    Also, before buying a frame you should bring your prescription to a place like Lenscrafters and have them look at it to see what style of frames will work. I have a negative perscription (I also have astigmatism) so I can't get glasses that wrap even the slightest bit because the edges of the lens would be too thick causing them to pop out.

    My Chanel glasses have been great--they have the kind of spring hinges that don't stretch out easily. Also, I highly recommend getting polarized lenses. It really helps reduce the glare.

    Good luck with your sunglasses search!
  3. i have prescription sunglasses, and i bought them at the same place that i got the lenses (lenscrafters). they're prada, but as long as you go to a place in a nice neighborhood, someplace like that should have a decent selection of designer frames. as the girl before me said, a lot of places won't fill customer-supplied glasses, so be very careful that the place you're taking them will if you get your frames from nordstrom. also be sure to ask the SA if the frames will accomodate prescription lenses, because not all glasses will. good luck!
  4. Have you considered using contacts? They are very easy to use, so you could still use your designer sunglasses
  5. Maybe you can even consider transition lenses which you can add to your glasses right now-they only darken whenever there's sunlight.
  6. Lenscrafters has designer frames. If you are close to a few of them check all the stores first. In my area I went to one Lenscrafters and they didn't have Chanel, but another Lenscrafters a few towns over did. I also know that Cohen's Fashion Optical have a nice selection of designer frames. These are the types of places I've gotten prescription designer framed sunglasses. I've never bought a regular pair of sunglasses from NM or Nordstrom's and took them somewhere to change the lenses so I cannot comment on that. Let us know what glasses you decide to get.
  7. yep, almost every eye doctor office I've been to has a selection of designer sunnies, it'll just take the normal few days to have them put in your prescription!
    My place has the latest Gucci, Chanel, Prada. . . insurance covers it's normal amount and I pay the rest.
    My insurance only covers new frames every 2 years, so every 2 years I get a $100 pair of designer/prescription sunglasses!
    Can't beat it!
  8. I am having the same problem and need to break down and get some glasses. I also want Chanel frames, and have been looking around, and have found almost every other designer, but Chanels.
  9. thanks for the info everyone. i haven't been impressed with the lenscrafters/binyon's/eye doctors in general selection in the past when i've looked (big reason why i don't have prescription sunnies already) but it sounds like i just might have to deal with it.

    this worries me now about the "no customer supplied frames" though...i need new lenses in my normal glasses too and have never found a pair besides the ones i have that i like enough to wear on a daily basis. yikes!

    i wish i could. :sad: did you ever see the episode of friends where rachel gets an eye infection? that's me, to a lesser degree. i hate touching my eyes, it weirds me out. i had contacts for about six months, but couldn't get over my uneasiness. i also have a habit of falling asleep at random times during the day and contacts make that painful. :smile:

    thanks again for everyone's help. :smile: