Prescription glasses and sunglasses... Help!

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  1. Anybody have one or the other? I'm getting new glasses next month but the sunnies I had picked out won't work for my prescription. I really wanted cassandra... [​IMG]

    BUT, they're too big. :crybaby:Because I have a high Rx, I need something with smaller lenses. I was told otherwise, my vision will be distorted! I'll still get cassandra for when I feel like putting contacts in. But I need some ideas for good sunglasses that are smaller. I figured there wouldn't be anyone to ask! HELP, please!
  2. I would like to know this too. Does anyone have prescription Coach glasses? Did you just buy the frames and your eye doctor put the lenses in for you?
  3. My eyecare professional had a selection of Coach frames as well as other designers to choose from. I ended up with the Adele frames and love them, though I mostly wear contacts during the day.

  4. glasses are easy to get, if your eye doctor sells designer glasses, they can order any current style for you. You can also find them on amazon, ebay and individual glasses websites. Then you can take them in to have the prescription filled, that is how I got my bvlgari's. Some vision insurance will even reimburse for some of the cost if you have to purchase them on your own.
  5. Oooohhh I'm going to follow this thread because I have the EXACT same problem. High Rx, but I want Coach sunnies!

    Is there any way to buy the sunnies online and simply get the lenses replaced or do I have to buy the sunnies from my optometrist?
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    There are some styles pictured here:

    I found that it was easiest to choose from the Coach styles they had at my optometrist for my sunnies rather than buy a pair at Coach and bring them in, but I know a few have done that with success as well. Just ask your dr office first to make sure they can do it for you.

    Athomephoto, try looking for sunglasses that have flatter lenses rather than curved ones. That can help keep your prescription truer as well. I have astigmatism so I had to choose a flatter lens style to keep my prescription from distorting. I have the Loris and I love them, but they might still be too big for your optometrist to agree to.
  7. My optometrist can order almost anything but in their order book the pics are small and in black and white. I'll look at the Loris. They said if I was willing to pay more for a better material for my lenses I could go a little bigger, but probably not big enough for Cassandra...
  8. I have a high Rx but since the larger the lenses from the center of your eye, the more distortion you get on the edges and the thicker the lenses on the edges.

    I couldn't get any of the sunnies or reg. coach rx glasses to work on me, so I had to settle on another brand. :sad:
  9. That's awesome! Maybe that's something I'll invest in this year.
  10. I just realized they had Lori when I was there today. Maybe I should just go to the outlet and look at sunnies closer to my appointment. Everything they sell my doctor can get!

  11. that stinks! Hopefully I can... or I'll just have to invest in more contacts!
  12. I don't / can't wear contacts so glasses are my only option, my eyes keep changing to much!!
  13. May I ask which brand you settled on rather than Coach?
  14. OMG I WANT THEEEESE!!! But I can't figure out how big the lenses are top to bottom! Any one know? They aren't as wide as the cassandras!

  15. I chose:
    135 Calvin Klein 194 507

    Those are the ones you see on me in the picture as my icon.

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