Prescription Chanel sunnies

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  1. Does anyone have prescription Chanel sunnies? I need glasses to drive, so I always have to get prescription sunglasses. I don't know if I can just order any pair from a Chanel boutique and get my eye care center to put prescription lenses in them or not. I know in the past, they've said they have a harder time doing lenses on a style that kind of wraps (like Oakleys, for instance). Any suggestions on a style that might work? Please post pics if you can.
  2. I have them, but I bought them from the optician. Most have a selection you can pick from. They are not the huge wrap ones though.
  3. My OPtician carries at least a dozen different style, inclouding the very popular Mother of Pearl CC's. Do you know if yours carries any at all?
    I'd think it's be more cost efficient if your Optician had them than if you did the leg work{?}
  4. The only authorized dealer in my area is one Lenscrafters, and I specifically asked if they had the Mother of Pearl, and they don't. I guess I need to go see what they have available. I wonder if I could mail order them from a optician out of my area, just mail in my prescription.
  5. Or ask if they can order them for you.
    My Doc will do this, it adds about a week to finish time, but may be worth it.
  6. Yeah, I asked if they could order different ones, but they said they can't. They can only sell what they have currently in their store. That just seems weird to me. I've actually called a couple of different times, though, and still gotten the same answer. The first time they told me that, I figured they just didn't want to go to the trouble to order them.
  7. do u know of the mother of pearl sunnies are able to be made into perscriptions bc I asked my eye dr about this over the summer and he basically told me that he would only do it on sunnies that are no wrap around or big/thick, I didnt end up getting them done bc all the styles i wanted he told me it was a no go.
  8. I've been meaning to ask my Opt. about that. They have a pair of Chanel and Dior I like.
  9. I ordered the MOP sunies frmo my Doc, they had them in stock.

    I pulled out because my insurance wasn't ready to spring for a new pair again so soon! LOL!
  10. just to let you guys know, if anyone has AAA (Triple A), you get a discount at Lens Crafters. I bought my Chanel eye glasses, which were $390 + $50 for lenses. I walked out the door after my discount at $310. I bet most Opticians will accept it, so just ask if they give a discount.
  11. Lenscrafters will tell you which are able to be made into prescription. They do have a nice selection, are you sure you can't find a suitable pair there? The MoP is an older style.... they used to have them.
  12. Lenscrafters told me the same about not being able to special order anything. They only sell what's currently in the store at any given moment. I suggest calling around to all the optical stores in your area. Somebody probably carries Chanel and if they do, they can often order a specific frame for you. I recommend ordering your glasses in person because they have to measure your eyes to get the optic center for the lens. When I had my glasses made they measured incorrectly and I couldn't see a thing. They had to do them all over again. Plus when you order in person they can look at your perscription to see if it will work in the frame you like.

    Good luck! I hope you are able to find the perfect frames!
  13. As for someone else carrying Chanel, locate them on Chanel's website, to make sure you're not buying fakes from an unauthorized retailer.