Presaling Coach @ Macy's Question!!!

  1. I went to Macy's today to presale two Coach charms. (I even waited a long time to get service.)

    I have a Macy's card but I don't want to use it because I have an EZ Exchange Card I want to use. The SA refused to let me presale unless I used a credit card.

    I was wondering if this is true? I was really pissed cause I walked such a long way just to get to Macy's and then I had to wait extra long cause another lady was taking a long time deciding what bag she wanted.

    I thought with a presale you could pay with whatever you wanted.
  2. There's no requirement that you use a CC to receive the F&F discount. However, presale is different. When they presale, they are doing you a favor by holding the merchandise you want so that it's still available when the sale actually starts. They hold your stuff and then ring you up on the first day of the sale. You don't actually make the purchase and pick up your items until the first day of the sale (or after). I really don't see how they could do this if you didn't use a CC, KWIM? Even if they did allow people to use cash for presale, would you want to give them your cash now and trust them to keep it safe for you?
  3. agreed. the cc makes everything very safe for you and the store. it's only for the presale, on the f&f you can do whatever payment you would like
  4. thats what is so frustrating about this sale.....i have also been told that you can only use a order to get the ff discount.....was told by 2 or 3 different sa's in macys.
    it's too bad that those of us who try and pay cash for things may not be able to participate......... i was told to check back on the day of the we'll see
  5. You only have to use a CC for the presale. If you wait until the day of the sale you can pay however you wish. There is nothing on the coupon that says you have to use a Macy's CC or any other CC. :yes:
  6. OK I went to Macy's (Warwick, RI) today to presale the camel ergo for my mother.
    The woman WOULD NOT hold it. She wasn't rude, but just wouldn't budge on holding it for me. I said I'd pay for it even. I asked her to check with the manager.
    She disappeared for a while and then came back and said, in all seriousness, "We can only hold it for 24 hours. Our employees got this card as well, and we're holding stuff for them - and there's just no more room. Sorry. Come early May 2nd and you should be able to get the bag."

    THEN -- Get this! I head on over to shoes and ironically run into my mother shopping in there. She is looking for shoes for my sisters wedding. I help her find a pair, but they're not on sale. She asks the shoe SA, "Can you hold these until the FF event?"
    And the SA replies, "Sure no problem!"

    OK so my blood pressure BOILED. I did not complain but resolved to NOT buy the bag at that Macy's. I think I'm actually SO mad that I just may call and complain; or at least write a letter (I can write very effective complaint letters) to the corporate office. I don't think that their coroporate office will be pleased to hear that hey wouldn't hold a $268 bag for a customer because the "employee's items were taking up the space and there was no room".
  7. DEFINITELY CALL! I would call the manager of the store first, chances are, the sales girl didn't even ask.

    UGH! You have had bad luck with SA's lately, poor thing.
  8. The sales 'girl' was a 60ish year old woman.. VERY pleasant and friendly even though obviously no common sense when it comes to customers.

    You're right I just have bad luck.

    I am going to call tomorrow
  9. the woman that sometimes works at Coach at my Macys is a huge B!TCH! I hate her so much that I would take a purse all the way to the jewelry or shoes to pay for it, just to not give her the sale. If I really wanted something in the case, I would ask for the manager before I bought it from this woman, I can't stand her, she's older too.

    Hope everything works out for you!!! At least your woman was pleasant while being clueless!
  10. wow associates are not allowed to hold things!! that is soo weird!! you should complain to the store manager... but then again that lady will lose her job either way.. so sad
  11. When I got my F & F, there was actually a xeroxed page with it that invited me to come to the pre-sale and pay for my bags using a credit card for pick up on the first day! This actually came from the Coach department at Macy's.