Presaled outlet items

  1. I called and ordered my bags monday June 25, that thursday they called me and asked if they could charge my card I told them it was fine and they said they would have it sent out the next day. Then 5 days later I call after no delivery only to find out it had just been sent that day. Now its Sat still nothing I called to get a tracking number the SA told me they would call back in 5 its been an hour and nothing. I'm trying to be patient but am I being unreasonable about having expected my bags to be here by now. This is my first time ordering from an outlet and after all this I don't know if I would do it again.

    Sorry just wanted to vent.
  2. Don't worry I did my vent on "leopard saddle?!"...
    I had a bad experience with ordering over the phone at woodbury commons... it really depends on your SA... mine sucked... she was so rude... it was like she didn't want my business or something... the previous week I had a wonderful SA he was really nice took all my short phone calls checking up on my purchase with no prob... and e-mailed me right away on every step of the progress and sent me a thank you e-mail and I only purchased one purse from him... I wish I purchased all the others form him but he was on vacation and I was stuck with the rude SA....
  3. My SA was great as well but he is on vacation so I was dealing with someone else. SAs should be helpful regardless you know???
  4. yah. I totally agree with you.

    However the outlets seemed to be crazy busy due to the sale. I am so sorry that this happened to you. Hopefully they will call u back soon with the tracking info
  5. At about 1 or so after cooling down I called back and got the tracking number I checked and it should be here by monday.
  6. I'm glad that they finally helped you. I've had to call and remind my usual SA that I called earlier during this sale. I also think that this is a super busy time for the outlets- esp Orlando- all the people visiting Disney during the summer...
  7. Yea I got my bags today!!! Can't wait to carry them.
  8. Congrats ddq! Dont forget to show us pics. BTW, did you like them?? I got mine on Sat, they're beautiful. I called back and other 2 more bags. Wanted another saddle, but the was was ended yesterday. :sad: Oh well, it's all good. bling bling 's still in the pocket. :smile: