presale tokis are no longer 25% off???

  1. the toki bags at my macys were on pre-sale last week for 25% off and now they are no longer the 25% off. Strange. Is anyone else's macys selling them right now for 25% off??
  2. lol... tracy you mustve missed all the stuff we had debating back and forth... apparently there was a misprint and bunches of macy's had the lesportsac 25% off signs available but once people started buying and asking about the tokidoki everyone was like "wait those aren't on sale!!" so they reprinted signs pretty much everywhere. All the stores did it around the 12th-14th ish? So yupp only a handful are still honoring the 25% off and it's basically if they don't know that they're not supposed to be honoring it I guess :shrugs:
  3. the one i went to said "25% off lesportsac ENTIRE STOCK" apparently "ENTIRE" doesnt count tokidoki...
  4. yeah I got presale from Torrance Macys and the day I went to pick up my presale, which was the 18th, they actually pulled the sign and said all tokidoki bags are excluded. lolz. Santa Anita mall too!!
  5. :sad: I am so sorry your Macy's is weak sauce- I love Macy's but sometimes they are a pain. I believe my Macy's is still honoring it, but I did have to challenge the SA. She gave it to me but it was close, she asked the Manager and she said "ok":graucho:
  6. challenge it if the sign doesn't say "tokidoki bags excluded" because it doesn't say that so there's no reason to assume that ;) but if it does say that... like a lot of them do now then sorry! I'm going to temecula tomorrow or sunday... does anyone know if the toki there are on sale or not?