Prepregnancy advice/suggestions?

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  1. To start with, I'm older than I wanted to be, 35 to be exact, to be trying for my first child...DH and I have waited for a few years, longer than we would have liked due to numerous issues, but are now ready to start trying for a baby. I fear that I'm too old now and maybe it won't be easy for me to get pregnant, especially since I have mild endometriosis also. I've had surgery 2x for a cyst on my left ovary but thankfully I never had to have it removed :idea:

    Is there anything special that I need to do ahead of time before I get pregnant? I just started taking a multivitamin with folic acid daily. I would like to be in about as good shape healthwise as I can so that everything will work out ok :biggrin:

    I would love thoughts and suggestions AND prayers most of all that we are blessed with a little angel :love: :biggrin: :nuts: :love:
  2. My best friend is a midwife and she always gives the advice to takeMonk's pepper tree tea which is a herb. This helps that you have an even menstruation cycle and she has very good success rate with it but you have to take it at least for 3 months before it starts working.Good luck!!
  3. Im no expert, but I think consulting your doctor will be the best thing for you, im sorry to hear about the condition you have..but Im hoping it wont stop you from being able to conceive :idea:

    Good luck!
  4. I dont have any medical suggestion. But to just go at it like rabbits until it happens. And you are not to old to be just starting out. I will keep u in my prayers, that you do concieve. Have you talk to a doctor about this ??
  5. I did and didn't get much advice except to take a vitamin and get back to her in 6 mos. if we don't conceive. She said my endo is very mild and shouldn't cause much of a problem. If anything I think what goes against me will be my age and/or bad egg production :sad: but I'll have to try and see! :shame:

  6. hahaha thank you! The doctor told me at least 3x a week every week is ideal, so my DH is VERY happy about that lol :nuts:

  7. My Dad's an OBGYN and mom's a midwife LOL! Be sure to get a thorough check-up, DH should too and being in good shape is a good thing, Lord knows I wasn't though! And taking prenatal vitamins like you said is great as soon as you possible, as you could conceive anytime and they may help prevent spina bifida. Good luck!!
  8. Wow, you are all set lol! I'm in good health now and in good shape, lost 20 lbs due to gallbladder surgery back in June. Feeling almost 100% now though it took a while. I will send DH!

    I'm not taking prenatals, just regular multis. The GYN said that's ok till I get pregnant. Does folic acid prevent spina bifida?

  9. I think that the folic acid does, I'll check with my Dad though ;) something in the prenatals does it!
  10. Hmm maybe I should take OTC prenatals? Can you ask your dad for me and give him my age LOL? I would love any advice :=) Feel free to PM me anytime!
  11. Yes, take a multi w/ lots of folic acid in it, also something w/ calcium and iron.
    Also, you may want to ask about a hysterosalpingogram.
    They shoot dye through your tubes and watch on a video to make sure there's no blockages. Also this does a little "cobweb cleaning" so the little swimmers and eggs have a better chance!

    here's some info I found:

    Another thing, per your age, you have an increased chance of having twins! :smile:
    Did you just get off the pill by chance? That also ups your chances for conceiving multiples!

    I wish you a TON of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  12. Swanky! they did this when I went in for my last laparoscopy and she said my fallopian tubes/ovaries were working perfectly. Yay! That was about a year and a half ago. Another good thing is when I had my gallbladder out this past June, the dr. said there was NO cyst on my left ovary, things looked good (I asked him to check while he was in there LOL) :nuts:

    Yes, I've been off the pill for a loooong time now:idea:

    AND most important your kids are gorgeous!!! I hope I am so lucky :smile:


  13. I'm not questioning your knowledge... I"m just curious. I thougt if you've been on the pill that it'll take like 3 months for your body to even be able to get pregnant...

    There's so little I know about the pill and I've been on it since I was 19. I'm scared when I go to have kids(If I even want any) that I just wont' be able to.
  14. I was told to start taking a prenatal vitamin if you want to try to get pregnant.

    Do not overdo the vitamins - just take one good prenatal and eat properly; meaning follow the USDA pyramid as close as you can. It really is not that hard - the new pyramid is much easier to understand.

    Also - it can never hurt to exercise now and while pregnant too.

    I am 32 with no kids - but might want to change that one day in the future - the advice I just gave you is the advice that I was given by my gyno.
  15. I plan on working out while I'm pregnant and hopefully if it's healthy and feasible,up to the very end of my pregnancy. A woman at my gym worked out the day before she gave birth and her labor was easy-squeezy!

    I consulted w/ my ob-gyn and she said it's fine to work out and that you should especially if you were working out before you got pregnant. I hear it helps the labor?? Ladies, am I right??!

    I am sooo praying for you too! Best wishes and luck! Keep us posted!!!:P :P